Table of Contents


  • sailtrips - sailing trip ideas
  • mtry07 - Mom, Dad and Melissa visit to Monterey for graduation
  • roadtrip - places I’d like to take a road trip to, in the United States (and elsewhere?)
  • summer07 - ideas and plans for things to do and see on a trip to Europe, etc in Summer 2007
  • hawaii07 - christmas and new years in hawaii
  • Hospitality Club guest information - (use my HC-id for username/password).
  • monterey - Notes about things to see and do in Monterey, CA (my home)
  • omaha - Notes about Omaha, NE (my old hometown)
  • IAESTE technical work abroad


Also including Mexico and other Spanish cultures

  • Spanish - words and phrases translated to English


Also included Austria and Switzerland, more about Germanic language and culture

  • German - words and phrases translated to English
  • Learn German resource list from DAAD
  • CDS Intl - study language (2m), courses (5m) and work (5m) as young pro in Germany


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