As long as the homework/out-of-class requirements were not so demanding, I don’t think it would be a problem. Integrating technologies such as podcasting/videocasting, recording of class lectures, actually speaking conversationally in the foreign language in class, and several other ‘best practices’ would provide maximum impact with minimum overhead for students. I would very much like to revive and eventually become fluent in Spanish (especially here in CA), and just to have an environment to practice/learn openly would be great. I would like to pursue other languages as well (German, Norwegian - I have some experience with) would also be good, as well as the more defense-related Central and East Asian languages. Refresher courses would be great... and I highly suggest:

New “CD” or “MP3” based refresher course packages in the library instead of the audio cassetes! I don’t even know where I could find a tape player right now. =)

Also, having the documents in PDF/electronic format for archiving and printing on-the-fly would be nice.

Also, study guides/sheets to refresh.

Daily Lessons

The BEST EXAMPLE I’VE SEEN for learning a language has been this email list called Norword - w/ an email lesson per day! VERY well laid out, and a short 15-20min a day regularly is a great way to learn. With podcast audio to “hear” the correct pronunciation would make this invaluable!

I wish I could find a resource like this for other languages, then have an opportunity to practice it with others!

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