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DigiCam Shopping


  • Rebel XTi - $750 Beach Camera
    • NB2L-H batteries, head cleaner
    • Nikon D40 is ranked slightly higher, only $533, but it’s Nikon and one must decide early Nikon OR Canon lenses.
  • S60 - currently have, S70-S80 $800-$900
  • Canons Camera Lineup - listing of current Canon cameras available


  • Best Cameras by type
    • Not considering: no viewfinder (need to save battery), basic-only options (need to get advanced with photography)
    • NOTE: need to go to store to test out Manual settings for SD700/SD800/SD900 (no P/AV/T)
    • NOTE: see if G7 will fit in pocket comfortably


Differences Chart of the Elph SD700, SD800, SD900
Feature SD700 SD800 SD900
MegaPixel 6 7.1 10
Image Stabilization YESYES >NO<
Zoom 4x 3.8x 3x
Macro 2-60cm 3-60cm 5-50cm
ISO 80-800 80-800 80-1600
Shutter 15-1/1600 15-1/1600 15-1/2000
First Shot 1.7 sec 1 sec 1.4 sec
Cont Shoot 2.1/sec2.1/sec 1.7/sec
Movie 320×250 60/fps 320×40 60/fps 1024×768 15/fps
Battery Shots 160 270 230
LCD Pixels 173k 207k207k
Body Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Titanium
Retail $500 $400 $500
Buy Now $300 $310 $335

  • SD800 7MP $310
    • good: wide angle? or _range_, 3.8x zoom, image stablization
    • bad: mode controls, not very advanced
  • SD900 10MP $340
    • good: 3x zoom


  • S3 IS :: Review Conclusions - $300 BuyDig or BeachCamera
    • Brian likes this one the best =) ...Perhaps I really don’t need the Rebel XTi after this?!
    • 12x zoom, 6MP, image stabilization, 4xAA batteries, SD, Flip-out screen, NO underwater case, 1gb/ulimit video, adv modes, 640 ZOOM video, Video/Photo buttons!
    • The S3 IS presents a worthy alternative for consumer digicam users considering an upgrade to a consumer dSLR. While its image quality, responsiveness and viewfinder quality are not quite up to dSLR standards, the S3’s versatility, especially its movie mode and articulating LCD viewfinder, is unmatched by any dSLR available today.
    • $30-60 NIMH Chargers, Only Batteries, $13 for 4xAA 2700mh Maha 5yr warranty
    • no underwater case, but need zoom more often than underwater photos? and flip-out self potrait
    • not pocket sized, but neither is Rebel. some noise at high ISO


  • G7 :: Review Conclusions- $460 Beach Camera
    • 6x zoom, 10MP, NB2L-H batteries, SD, some lenses?, adv features, 1024 video, good macro
    • pocketable? need to test
    • bad: off center viewfinder, screen fingerprints, some noise at high ISO, no longer flip-out
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