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4112 Distributed OS

Secure Publish

COIS - prototype cyber C&C

military doctrine
manuever - mobile agents
deception - honey pots

splice - secure publish/subscriber
 - dynamic reconfiguration of sensors/fw/ids
- proactive/anticpitatory architecture


p.116 - 2 Kinds of Info can be determined in Dist OS

  1. order of events on a single process (constraint: sequential nature of execution)
  2. order between the send and recv evets of a message (constraint: transmission takes a nonzero amount of time)

p.117 Timestamp of Event is tuple (s.c,s.p) (clock,owning ps) s.c is the logical clock value in state s s.p denotes the process p to which state s belongs

s → t ⇒ s.c < t.c s.c < t.c !⇒ s → t

p.118 Vector Clock

  1. updates internal clock upon each event/message received
  2. sends copy of it’s vector clock with each sent message
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