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Windoze Notes


Common apps that should be available to Windoze users, must have apps for security reasons. Mostly for Dad’s PC.

  • CD/DVD: CD Burner XP (great FREE CD/DVD burning software), DVD Shrink (shrink DVD to fit on 4.2gb DVD-R), DVD Flick (fit videos/photos on a DVD), CDR Tools (front end to cdrecord), CD-DA X-Tractor, CDR Tools Frontend, Nero 6 ultra, ISO Recorder, Deep Burner, Burnatonce iso/bin/cue files from right click
    • EncVorbis, Stationripper, icecast2, dBpower AMP music converter
  • Drivers: AOpen FM65-PX controllerless pci modem, NVidia driver

Windows Security

  • Windows Updates -
    • Visit with IE, doc needed patches, download with Firefox, and install from local copy
    • XP Power Toys - Deskman, ImageResizer, Taskswitch, CmdHere, Timershot (web cam)
  • Firefox (no IE allowed) -
    • — Extensions: Adblock, Tinyurl

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware


  • Email (all Thunderbird accounts) and configs
  • Passwords, User accounts, Shared Folders
  • Printers
  • Programs in Use
  • MyDocs - restore redirect
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