====== Wiesefam.org Planning ====== This is the planning and discussion page for setting up the http://wiesefam.org website. Brian has the domain name, server, and tech skills to set the website up but needs family consensus and participation. __Note:__ This page is dynamic - content and layout may change often! ===== Status ===== * **Planning** * Decide website requirements and what software to use * Brian needs to point wiesefam.org in DNS to his server IP address again ===== Timeline ===== * **2005.08.28** - Roger and Brian discussed wiesefam.org website (revival) in Lindsay * brian - Started wiki discussion and posted initial ideas on site features ====== Discussion ====== ===== Requirements ===== Brian does not plan to write software from scratch to meet all of the family requirements in a website - but rather to find already available software packages to meet the need. It is good to define the requirements first though: **//What do we want Wiesefam.org to be? What would help the family keep in touch?//** Let's start with the goal in mind. (//Defining use cases may be excessive work - but please note any features you would like to see for the record.//) * **Newsletter**: A way to share immediate family updates with the whole Wiese family * Also plan to have a hardcopy sent out, so a //printer friendly// view would be nice * Use cases: * 1) User adds their own content and publishes individually their news to the "newsletter" * 2) User sends their content (via email) to someone who publishes the "newsletter" about everyone * 3) User sends and receives notices/updates when newsletter has been updated * **Family Tree**: A way to view and update the Wiese family tree online * A standard GEDCOM file (description of family tree) can be imported to most Family Tree software programs * Use cases: To be defined * **Photo Album**: A way to share digital photos and comments with the family * Use cases: * 1) User can easily upload photos to share, as well as view others photos * //Speed issues: (upload) dialup is slow -> should email photocd to user with cable/dsl internet. should also use smaller size images. (download) thumbnail images used// * 2) User can send a URL link via email/etc of where to view the photos * 3) User can easily edit comments of files uploaded and add comments to others photos * 3) User can easily order photos to be printed or downloaded for printing ===== Software ===== Some of the software applications to consider running on the server. Many web applications serve a single purpose very well while others provide a complete package (CMS) of several component applications that provide a consistent look, feel, and user management system to the website. Applications to consider: ==== CMS ==== ==== Blog ==== ==== Wiki ==== ==== Geneology ==== * [[http://gramps.sf.net/|Gramps]] software for editing geneology information on desktop computer * [[http://www.phpgedview.net|phpGedView]] for viewing a family tree on a website * __Note:__ [[http://users.binary.net/thehaas/cgi-haas/blosxom.cgi/genealogy/index.html|Mike Hosteler]] used Ancestery.com free 14days and downloaded gedcom files, matched them up with __Gramps__ and put them online with __phpGedView__ ==== Calendar ==== ==== Email ==== * [[http://list.org/|Mailman Mailing List manager]] for users to send mass emails to the entire family, e.g. "announce@wiesefam.org" * Each user can manage their own subscription, change their email address * Could also be hosted online for free in some places, but with fewer features and no "@wiesefam.org" address * [[http://www.horde.org/imp/|Horde webmail]] possible to setup, possible for username@wiesefam.org email addresses and other features * Other features to add: spam protection, antivirus, secure SSL imap/pop access, quotas, etc

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