* [[http://www.amazon.com/Its-Your-Ship-Management-Techniques/dp/0446529117 | It's Your Ship (book on Amazon)]] * Michael Abrashoff * invest in your people, inspire them to be the best - they'll do the work for you. * let middle managers know its for their benefit, don't jump over them either. have them ask employees first for ideas. * ask best thing/worst thing/change you would make & ideas,suggestions. * jazz and cigars at sunset, happy hour w/o the beer, boost morale * tree of monkeys analogy (smiling faces and not as pleasant) - get everyone in sync with the picture/view. ex: Toyota sales * work on "your piece" of the problem, whatever it is "you control/influence". * can't change the crew -- can make them work better, training, SAT * if you can change it, DO IT - 100% support * have budget, it won't harm anyone, etc * requirement: collaboration, advancement of your people. or YOU don't get promoted. * 5 departments started working together, instead of fighting each other, to get things done * prioritize time - quality & quantity invested in what is important = get returns. * weekly Friday review, pie chart to see where your time is spent, reallocate/adjust * also look how you can work better with others. you can require it on those below, but don't wait for it. * embrace Unity vs. diversity (women and non-whites feel picked on, whites feel women and non-whites get special treatment), change the program if it is not working * serve yourself last at the lunch line, eat on the flight deck instead of officers deck * it's just the way its always been done -- so CHANGE it. it's not your 'right' now to pick on the young/eat them. * listen to gossip from the smokers - there is 'no rank' here * invest in stainless steal bolts/etc on top deck -> paint every 10 months instead of every other * do $50 work instead of $5 * inspire the crew - had them shot up an email of another captain bragging about 103.5/105 points in gunnery, they got 104 * forget about self interests/getting promoted, work for those beneath you - get them promoted * handed out 150+ (only allowed 30?) 'overachiever awards' "on the spot"... w/o the paperwork * 45 sec hand off, not a dry eye on deck * speech in Italy, even the Berkeley girl could learn something from the military. have lunch regularly to exchange leadership ideas. * gov money - if it ended up on the cover of the NYT tomorrow, would you feel embarrassed or proud?

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