===== travel packages ===== * [[http://www.wsaeurope.com/|Weekend Student Adventures - Europe]] from Andy Steves, Rick Steves son with [[http://www.wsaeurope.com/resources/|travel resources]] * [[http://www.busabout.com/|Bus About]] - 8 day trips, jump on/off bus trips and islands hopping in Greece ===== iphone apps ===== * GPS Nav: Rome2Go, Barcelona2Go..., CityMaps (crashes), Europe * Weather Underground * Translation apps: Google translate, BitKnights Eng-German/French/Spanish/Italian/Czech ===== banking ===== While Bank of America has arrangements with select banks in select countries (e.g. Deutsche Bank only in Germany) to avoid ATM fees... users of a Charles Schwab checking account pay No ATM fees Anywhere (how I get my euros now anywhere in Europe) - [[http://www.schwab.com/checking|http://www.schwab.com/checking]] If you can pay using a credit card in a foreign country, opt for being charged in the local currency instead of it being "converted" at a poor-exchange rate to US dollars. To avoid currency conversion fees from your credit card company, choose a card like [[http://www.capitalone.com/creditcards/help/#60_pg_sl|Capital One that does not charge the conversion fee]]. See also the [[http://frugaltraveler.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/01/27/packing-the-right-credit-card/|frugal traveler advice]]

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