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Updated April 2, 2006 - Discussions of Ted and Brian

  • Still MySQL powered?
  • Rendering Error
    • Just above the copyright notice, on the Home page
  • Text Contrast
    • (bw) increase the contrast of text and background grey color
  • Menu Navigation
    • (bw) some way to show in menu (beyond page heading) of the current page
      • (bw) perhaps have consistent headings on each page or highlight the active menu item
      • I think I like the “Left Align” better than center! Everything else is already centered, so it provides a nice off set. =)
      • Headings too small? They don’t “stand out” enough imho. Perhaps bolder san-serif font?
      • missing on: About Us, Developments, Designs, (bw- tie gallery in), (Features-align left), Contact Us
  • Drop down menu
    • (bw) should work on all pages, not just index.html (use some php/ssi include) looks good
    • (bw) make drop down text smaller or match the main menu font?
  • (bw) Add the following submenus
    • About Us: mission, vision, profile, address
    • Designs: Lancaster, Patterson, etc...
    • Photo Gallery: residential new, residential remodel, commercial new, commercial remodel
  • Back To-Top Links
    • (bw) Long pages should have a link back to the TOP of the page after each section
      • maybe yet on Developments? any slicker looking way to do it than text?
  • Title
    • (bw) Should be “Diversified” instead of “Diversofied” (on several but not the main page)
    • if not too much work, could add Headings to the title? (e.g. “Diversified Enterprises Inc. - Developments”)
  • Left Side Graphic
    • (bw) Does not change and only links to Services page, which then looks empty


  • Developments
    • Page is still just confusing to me. What is a category? What is a Development?
      • Left-aligned heading “Categories” and “Developments” may do it. =)
      • Need some way to distinguish and provide ‘slick’ easy to navigate interface =)
      • Developments put in Table (instead of vertical)
        • 2-3 columns and alphabetized/ordered somehow
    • Some “” CSS class with “border”/etc settings for the house images?
    • Need to copy over old saleXXX.html to saleXXX.php pages, render in frame
  • Designs
    • Images missing
    • Shouldn’t they be alphabetized? What is the ordering?
  • Features
    • Page is WAY too long. =) Need smaller thumbnails
    • Images missing

Gallery Integration

What’s the difference between /dev/gallery and /dev/gallery.ted/? Which one is “right”?

[zangief]$ diff gallery gallery.ted/
diff gallery/.htaccess gallery.ted/.htaccess
> php_value post_max_size 20971520
> php_value upload_max_filesize 20971520
> php_value magic_quotes_gpc off
> php_value session.save_handler files
> php_value register_globals off
Common subdirectories: gallery/albums and gallery.ted/albums
Common subdirectories: gallery/classes and gallery.ted/classes
diff gallery/config.php gallery.ted/config.php
< $gallery->app->albumDir = "/home/diversif/";
> $gallery->app->albumDir = "/home/.dabble/diversif/";
< $gallery->app->movieThumbnail = "/home/diversif/";
> $gallery->app->movieThumbnail = "/home/.dabble/diversif/";
Common subdirectories: gallery/contrib and gallery.ted/contrib
Common subdirectories: gallery/css and gallery.ted/css
Common subdirectories: gallery/docs and gallery.ted/docs
Common subdirectories: gallery/errors and gallery.ted/errors
Common subdirectories: gallery/html and gallery.ted/html
Common subdirectories: gallery/html_wrap and gallery.ted/html_wrap
Common subdirectories: gallery/images and gallery.ted/images
Common subdirectories: gallery/includes and gallery.ted/includes
Common subdirectories: gallery/java and gallery.ted/java
Common subdirectories: gallery/js and gallery.ted/js
Common subdirectories: gallery/layout and gallery.ted/layout
Common subdirectories: gallery/lib and gallery.ted/lib
Common subdirectories: gallery/locale and gallery.ted/locale
Common subdirectories: gallery/platform and gallery.ted/platform
Common subdirectories: gallery/po and gallery.ted/po
Common subdirectories: gallery/setup and gallery.ted/setup
Common subdirectories: gallery/skins and gallery.ted/skins
Common subdirectories: gallery/tools and gallery.ted/tools

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