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NYC Dating Coach advice - abstract notes from her videos Confidence Picks up Women

intro lines and approaches


  • needed:
    • positive attitude/self confidence, posture
    • conversation topics in mind/news
    • courage/confidence
  • wink/smile/eye contact
  • get eye contact, glance away, glance back
  • bright smile in eyes and lips
  • hi/hello, ask open ended question, opinion?
  • ask NAME, remember, use their name!!
  • pay compliments, talk about them, listen more
  • talk about them, keep conversation light
  • eye contact, show interest
  • light conversation, bantering
  • aroma, perfume
  • feel yourself, touching
  • humor - jokes, laugh, smiles
  • mirroring behavior
  • lean in when listening to them
  • light touch on hand
  • hug goodbye

First date obvious advice

  • have a date outfit planned out in advance
  • conversation: catch up on current events, news and conversational topics to discuss
    • pick up previous conversation history - backup any funny stories/jokes up sleeve
  • presentation: look best, confidence, exercise, eat/sleep well, bathe well and smell good
  • attitude: have positive attitude and don’t panic: call friend, watch movies/music/entertainment
  • be early or on time

sense of humor cavalier attitude / confidence/optimism

More Tips - videos - youtube

  • Go out and meet: gym, bookstore, cafe
    • Approach many new faces, practice being charming, Smile!
  • Hello! (offer name) - if she volunteers hers, remember and use
    • Have high energy, be fun, social, interact, gossip current events, exaggeration
  • don’t say “go out/date”, simply propose “we should do XYZ, iwb fun!”
  • Talk politics/religion, but disagree responsibly w/class
  • Man should ask for phone number & make first call, ask for it
    • do not give out your business card, it’s too tacky (not business)
  • Go to house parties to meet people/women, easy going/relaxed
    • more likely to get to talk to them and interact
  • conversation starter (instead of bad pickup line), quirky Qs, opening line, tell joke
    • 1) relevant 2) unique 3) compel a conversational response
  • approaching women? 1) take action 2) move on if no interest/keep confidence
  • don’t tell a girl you like her early! It takes women much longer to develop
    • 1/2/3rd date, don’t pressure/corner her to decide how she thinks about you
    • better for her to make up her mind on her own terms
    • how to let her know you like her? call/make time/go out/be available/show interest
    • be attractive/funny/confident/stand closer/initiate contact-touch/eye contact/sensual
  • Eye contact - hold gaze, don’t stare, DONT look away if interested in her!
    • shows lack of confidence to go after what you want, smile/wave, don’t just stare
    • open conversation, have guts, approach her
  • Impress? by not trying to impress. have confidence and self assurance. worth something
    • you are an interesting and valuable person just as you are
    • don’t try to hard! it’s a turnoff
  • dating relationships: boring, needy/desperate, controling
    • don’t be that guy
  • silence can be your great friend on a date!? use to your advantage
    • how do you act/carry yourself? look into her eyes w/ silence. enjoy music.
    • don’t talk during foreplay! lol
  • don’t be boring!!! (can be rude/bad smell/agressive - can be forgiven)
    • not interesting company. keep it interesting.
    • 1) use humor!!! fun/playful of her/self, switch to seriousness at times
    • 2) don’t agree with everything. disagree sometimes.
  • why still single. don’t bash exes. bad experiences may mean you are bad?
    • well what’s wrong with being single? I enjoy it.
  • Dinner to action
    • 1) give off romance/charm/etc
    • 2) conversation. listen w/ interest, active listening, laugh/nod/mirror/encourage
    • 3) no extravagant compliments. don’t comment on looks. funny/unusual jokes on looks.
    • 4) move in for touching, accidental touching, footsie, share food, desert
  • How to apologize to women: with pride, like you mean it, you did wrong. not begging.
    • hey, I just realized... ask for a way to make it up to them.
  • Dress and Style - subtlty, don’t try too hard/go over the top
    • only some women do that. careful with jewelry, cologne, clothes - use knowledge/personality/talking/humor
  • Dress for Success 1) must feel comfortable 2) clothes must fit properly/not sloppy/not too tight, 3) don’t be too flamboyant
  • Complimented by woman? play off of it with humor/personality
  • Be perfect
    • 1) listen to her (shopping/makeup/feelings), stay interested, most important
    • I was just thinking about hwo much I love you, tell me again in more detail, great story
    • 2) love her friends/family, remember their names, details, make them your friends too
    • have somone on the inside, fury of womans friends have an inside link
    • 3) be a man. perfect: facilitate her ability to achieve, gentleman, call her, help her
    • 4) bedroom - play her like piano, good music of her choice
    • 5) suprise her! spend money on her, travel, take her out, give her opp to reward you
    • 6) be hygenic, respectful, well groomed
    • 7) be faithful, never mess around
  • Need money to date great women? don’t need iphone/clothes/car/etc. “things” to give her
    • first date should not cost more than $5-10, coffee, drinks, etc. not dinner.
    • save your money. who you are, character, ambition, goals, sense of humor is important
    • become a more interesting person and you will attract more women, regardless of salary
  • Common obstacle: Assumptions and Communication
    • primary cause of unnecessary fights/arguments.

Irresistible to Women

  • needed:
    • female friends
    • generosity
    • loyalty
    • wit
  • pay her lots of compliments
  • learn to tell a joke
  • give undivided attention
  • pick up the check
  • buy a house, 5x more attractive
  • fondness for children, good dad
  • workout to be fitter than avg
  • be faithful
  • women want to feel: beautiful, safe, special
  • Confidence, knowing what you like/want and a determination to get it, and a witty, slightly dry, sarcastic sense of humor are big turn-ons for me. Assertiveness, a good personality, and the ability to laugh easily are nice. Also need good looks, well-groomed, well-dressed, and without gross habits or hygiene.
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