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Camping/Backpacking List

Top Compartment

  • Headgear: ball cap, sun glasses, bandanna, quick-dry hand towel, brimmed hat
  • First Aid: bandaids, antiseptic, lip balm, needle, tweezers, lighter, sunscreen/lotion
    • advil, benadryl, poison oak/ivy gel & pills, eye drops, insect repellent, carbon (upset stomach)
    • sewing kit, mole skin, whistle, snake venom pump, iodine tablets
  • Toiletry: soap, wet wipes/hand sanitizer gel, toothbrush & paste, toilet paper, trowel/shovel, mirror, mouthwash, shaver
  • Small Tools: flashlight, headlamp, batteries/bulbs, small lantern, knife, lighter/matches, watch w/alarm
    • carabiners, cinch-straps, poncho, notepad/journal, pens/pencils, zip-lock bags (food/trash/organize)
    • ground tarp, map, GPS, compass, cellphone, calling card+ID+cash, backcountry/wilderness permit, TSA locks, UV water purifier
    • short 2-10’ ropes, trash bag, duct tape

Main Compartment

  • Big Tools: day pack or fanny pack, saw or hatchet (clear downfall), bear-safe container, long rope (20-50’)
  • Water: nalgene bottles, camelback, 1.5 liter collapsible bottle (refill+cooking), gallon jug (in car)
  • Food:
    • snacks: trail mix (M&Ms, nuts, raisins, dried bannanas/fruit), food bars, nuts, crackers, GU!!!
    • meals: can/bowl soup, oatmeal, rice, HB eggs, dried potatoes, tuna/chicken in a bag, MREs
      • Backpacker Pantry “pesto salmon pasta”, jar of peanut butter (protein), miso soup packets
    • fresh fruit: carrots, raisins, apple
    • drinks: hot chocolate, tea, powder flavoring/lemonade/koolaid, wine
    • condiments: salt/pepper, sugar, ketchup/mustard, jelly, salsa, sweet & sour sauce, chocolate
  • Cooking: water filter/purifier, stove, fuel, wind screen, lighter/matches, paper towels
    • pots w/handles, cups, trimmed plastic utensils, can opener, wine bottle opener
    • dish soap, wash rag, plastic bowl w/lid, paper bowls
  • Clothing:
    • Shirts: wick-away sweat, thin long sleeve w/collar, thin short sleeve, thick long sleeve, “layers” for warmth
    • Pants: poncho, swim trunks, zip away pants/shorts, cargo shorts, underwear, belt, sleepwear, long johns
  • Footwear: socks (long for weeds/brush), hiking shoes, flip-flops, trekking poles
    • others: sandals/river cross, sturdy hiking boots, running shoes, gaiters
  • Tent/Sleep: light small tent or hammock, sleeping bag + pad
    • hammer, whisk broom, blanket, towel/pillow
  • Photography: digicam, batteries, memory cards
    • tripod, cleansing wipes, card reader/hard drive, star chart

  • mp3 radio?, solar charger, Y-adapter, earphones
  • Sample checklists: kevin gong with 10 lbs photography equipment
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