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Dinner Toast

Did I have anything really good to say? =)


  • Later is better than never! =)
  • As you both begin this life long journey together - your flight of marriage - ma the Lord bless you and your flight with clear skies and smooth winds. May your relationship grow stronger every day (together and with God) - taking you both into the higest reaches of the heavens with peace and happiness all the day sof your life.
  • God is love Your love for each other is strong and though love has brought you both together in God’s wisdom with His beautiful instiution of marriage; to strengthen your love and faith together.
  • 1 John 4:11-16 “If we love one another, God remains in us.” For God is love, and those who abide in love abide in God, and God abides in them.
  • 1 John 4:7-10 John wrote, “Let us love one another, because love is of God. The person without love knows nothing of God because God is love”
  • Background: On my flight returning home just before the wedding – I finally received my inspiration for writing up this Best Man Speech. It was a beautiful takeoff, with the sun shining and shimmering in the blue sky, white clouds and various levels aimlessly wandering above the earth, and great cities of people down below. It felt like I was flying into heaven, and my heart would almost stop at times just overwhelmed be the sheer beauty of the view. With my brother Brent being a pilot, I felt an analogy between marriage and “flying” to be appropriate. As I played with the idea... it just got better and better!
  • Being single - but still the “older” brother, I find it reasonable that I should be providing marriage advice. Not only that, but I’m also not a pilot like my brother, but nevertheless - that will not stop me from giving both him and his beautiful bride advice on that as well.
  • Hint hint... the advice analogies will be one in the same. =)


  • Ground: single life. when you get to meet many different people in your life, still looking for “the one” to take off with for the rest of your life in marriage. Many people live their lives happily on the ground, others failed to take off, and sadly others had problems in flight and had to return to the ground. But you two are blessed - you have begun this journey with lots of preparation work first on the ground.
  • Ground School: preparing for marriage. Before you can just hop in the plane, you have to prepare! Years of dating and courtship, engaging with each others family, studying your faith, Cana marriage education - this has all been done in preparation for this one great day, the day you both take flight.
  • Plane: relationship. The relationship needs to be built solid with good parts and intent. It should not just be something thrown together in an instant that has not been proven “worthy for flight”. The relationship needs an evaluation for “flight certification” to help ensure it is ready for the challenges up ahead.
  • Flight: married life, until death do us part. This is the longest journey of your life, and perhaps the best and most rewarding! You get to share this time closely with the person you love most, and you get to take in magnificant views of the world around you that you would never have been able to see from the ground. You’ll get to see together so much that others cannot - particularly those on the ground living in the single life - even though they may be pilot/navigator pairs who failed or never attempted flight school. Your flight will take you into the heavens as you base your flight decisions on the Lord.
  • Passengers: children. All of your children or on this flight with you. They need assurance the plane will not crash and they need to learn by example how a plane actually flies - with both a pilot and navigator.
  • Flight crew: Family and close friends. The flight crew looks after your passengers when you need to be busy taking care of the flight. In most cases though, you can set it on autopilot and spend more time socializing in the passenger cabin.
  • Mechanic: the Lord. He is the one who builds the planes, not man alone. Your mechanic knows how to build the plane strong enough to handle any of the worst storms that ever existed in the sky. You need to trust in your mechanic though, don’t take off until He says your plane is ready, listen to his advice for ensuring the integrity of the aircraft remains through even the fiercest storms, and trust in His good work - because YOU have chosen the one true mechanic who makes all flights possible and not an imposter. Love your mechanic as He loves you and your plane. He wants to see your success!
  • Pilot: husband. Not to be sexist in anyway, but just out of tradition and natural instinct - the man in the marriage is the one who is looked to as a leader, who sets the example. He needs to be very knowledgeable and much responsibility rests on his shoulders. Of course rule #1: Listen to your Navigator!
  • Navigator: wife. Again, not to be sexist, but women tend to have greater insights into lives/behaviors/psychology and social matters of both men and women. They can look ahead and plot a course around potential disasters or stormy weather. The pilot of course must Listen to the Navigator of course though!
  • Bad Weather: marriage conflicts. You’re almost certainly bound to fly into some stormy weather, but the important thing is that you work through it together building up your own experience to spot and avoid storms in the future, as well as strengthen the plane as needed. You should also trust that the Lord God (your mechanic) Some possibe reasons for getting caught up in a storm:
    • Pilot and Navigator were not watching as the storm developed right around them.
    • Pilot didn’t listen to the Navigator to avoid the storm.
    • The storm was unavoidable with no alternate route.
  • Other planes: other married couples. You should feel free and are encouraged to radio to other flights in the air to solicite their input and request guidance. Never hesitate to ask “am I an the right flight route/path?” Other pilots and navigators have great experience from flying for many years.
  • Control Tower: pastor/priest of church. They may not have the personal experience of being married, but they have seen a lot of flights - and counsul a great number of flights! They have seen the troubles and difficulties as well as the joys and successes of many aviators young and old, novice and experienced. From a neutral standpoint, the priest can provide solid advice for keeping the plane together and guide the flight onto reaching the highest heavens above. The priest is a student well versed in the “best practices” and guidelines for successful flights as well as living on the ground.
  • Crash: divorce. Remember, the saying is “fly-r-die” – so just keep flying, never stop, and definitely never crash - for the sake of your own lives, and those of your passengers.
  • Cockpit: no comment. =)
  • Scheduled Maintenance: in-flight maintenance. Hopefully in-flight, the nuts and bolts are checked and tighten, and a can of WD-40 (love) will often do the trick. “Retreats” into the flight control room and inspections may be marriage retreats and possibly counseling. Ground maintenance may been seen as a separation, but hopefully that will never be needed if the plane (relationship) has been engineered and built on a solid foundation by the one true mechanic (the Lord). If that happens, only minor in-flight maintenance may be all that is ever needed... and even that will be because you probably forgot one word of two of advice from your mechanic!
  • Destination: Heaven. Marriage is a vocation and a sacrament, a union with God which is meant to draw you both closer to each other and to Him, our heavenly father. Though understanding the dynamism, complexity, wonder, balance, support, love, life-giving fruits, self sacrifice, etc - of man and woman, we come to better understand our God, whose divine son shared in our humanity that we might share in His divinity. The ultimate goal of a marriage is to help each other and all family members to make it to heaven. The imagery of a flight is so perfect, since only by joining together can you “take off” and fly to heaven.

Final Comments

  • By considering these analogies, I ask you both, Brent and Stacie, to periodically ponder upon these principles in your marriage to ensure they are receiving the proper attention and maintenance. I hope it helps you to keep things in perspective and find novel ways to keep your flight in service forever.
  • May the Lord God bless you and remain with you forever, with his Holy Spirit being the “wind beneath your wings”.
  • Wishing you both fair winds and clear skys... enjoy the flight!
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