1984 (discomfort with society, totalitarism, people ‘vanished’ in the night, forbidden items and art, War for the sake of war to fuel fear and submission, Big Brother on TV, lies in the media from the “Ministry of Truth”, prisoned and tortured until no longer have fear)

Mac 1984 commentary of 1984 superbowl commercial

Brave New World - popular use of drugs

The Count of Monte Cristo (the Vendetta, prison)

Farenheit 451 (collections of forbidden books)

9-11 (media feeding fear, terrorism, destroying buildings as symbols, conspiracy theories the gov was in on 9-11, mass media)

the Holocaust (Nazi drug experimentation and murder of ‘unclean’, mass burial graves)

The Matrix (combat scenes)

Zorro (a gentleman who fights against corruption)

Addressing the issue of V for Vendetta being anti-catholic, see vendetta2

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