Install and Setup Dokuwiki

This is all written out basically from memory. — Brian Wiese 2005/07/19 22:53

Initial Unpacking

tar xvfz dokuwiki* 
mv dokuwiki* wiki
cd wiki
touch data/changes.log
chmod -R g+w data/
chown -R www-data data/
vim .htaccess  (note: //uncomment all the Rewrite Rules//)

Conf Dir Settings

cd conf
cp acl.auth.php.dist acl.auth.php
cp users.auth.php.dist users.auth.php
cp dokuwiki.php local.conf
chgrp www-data acl.auth.php users.auth.php
chmod g+w acl.auth.php users.auth.php


$conf['title']       = ' notes'; 
$conf['mailguard']   = 'visible'; 
$conf['useacl']      = 1; 
$conf['openregister']= 1;
$conf['autopasswd']  = 0; 
$conf['passcrypt']   = 'md5';
$conf['superuser']   = 'bw'; 
$conf['userewrite']  = 1;

Create User and ACL

  • On main page, click “Login”
  • Create ‘superuser’ account with own password (with openregister=1, autopasswd=0)
    • will edit “conf/users.auth.php”
  • Once logged in, click “Admin” to bring up administrative config for permission control
    • will edit “conf/acl.auth.php”
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