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  • clean input - from the Sendpage perl script, cleaning/sanitize input
  • using perl - perldoc, installing modules, etc
  • crypt-cbc - using Crypt-CBC module in perl from Mat Caughron
  • map-array - quick way to put an array in a hash with map


  • - sends an email to admin when Debian updates are available
  • simplefirewall - simple IPTables firewall for server
  • pling - hear a beep for every packet dropped by firewall
  • - burn cd or dvd script
  • imagemagick - using convert and other image tools
  • configpromp - prompt to make configuration file change


  • magpierss - finally, how to use magpierss (really simple)


  • customlink - create custom javascript href link based on date in YYMMDD format
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