Thank You To All Donors
Updated: Tuesday May 18, 2004

I want to offer my sincerest appreciation to all of the many generous donors who have helped me to reach my goal. There are many more names unfortunately not listed here who donated in purchase of baked goods or by other cash means, and I thank them as well. Together, we raised a over $2,700!

Please also express your appreciation and support to the following individuals and businesses who have given so generously in the fight to help "Cure Cancer".

Extremely Generous Donors

The following individuals and businesses have been extremely generous donors, and in my opinion should have any new cures for cancer named after them! (exceptional)
  • Alan More
  • Bob and Jen Brakenhoff
  • Blaine and Loretta Burnham
  • Dale and Jean Yorgovan
  • Diversifed Enterprises, Inc
  • Edward and Tamara DeLashmutt
  • Eugene and Barb Brakenhoff
  • Golden Key Honor Society, UNO
  • Joey Elworth
  • Kevin Neubauer
  • Lawrence Carlsson, MD
  • Marjorie Vickerman
  • Megan Benoit and Robert Stevenson
  • Michael and Anne Hegarty
  • Michael and Shaye Voightman
  • Rich and Linda Jost
  • Steve and Marlene Rishel
  • Tim and Pat Wiese
  • Weber Enterprises
  • More Than Generous Donors

    The following individuals and business have been more than generous donors to my campaign in helping me to reach my fundraising goals.
  • Andrew and Victoria Kresha
  • Barbara Toman
  • Bill and Marilyn Mavity
  • Bob Gatea
  • Charles and Cherie Gorman
  • Clarence Scholl Excavating and General Contracting
  • David and Linda Hinton
  • Diane Heft
  • Doug Brakenhoff
  • Edward Jones
  • Fizal and Ok Sun Hosein
  • Gregory Paskach
  • Harold and Eloise Wiese
  • James and Mary Ulrich
  • Jerry Cederblom
  • Jim and Connie Speicher
  • John Kisner
  • Joe and Betty Bryant
  • Joe and Martha Noble
  • Kenneth and Joan Aylor
  • Larry and Mary Brakenhoff
  • Larry and Sandy Thomas
  • Marie Brakenhoff
  • Mary and Kenneth King
  • Mary Lou Salazar
  • Michael Carroll
  • Milt and Marion Berg
  • Philip and Susan Craiger
  • Regina Kornmesser
  • Richard and Ruth Wassinger
  • Ron and Sissy Seyle
  • Sam and Jeanette Warth
  • Sharlene Mitchell
  • Sophia Vinduska
  • Vicki Vernon
  • Vicky Nickeson
  • William and Margaret Stiller
  • Yolanda Lee
  • Many Generous Donors

    There have been many generous donors who have contributed to my fundraising goals and I thank them whole-heartedly.
  • Brent Wiese
  • Caroline Cunningham
  • Cathy Young
  • Cindy Sarillion
  • Dennis and Audrey Smith
  • Dennis and Judith Madigan
  • George and Shelia Sachs
  • Geraldine Doyle
  • Jerome and Rita Knopik
  • Jim Melonis
  • Joe Warga
  • John and Mary Jo Meisinger
  • Karen Schreiber
  • Linda Brakenhoff
  • Lucy Bean
  • Matt Caughron
  • Mike and Barbara Slattery
  • Gary and Mary Jane Dubas
  • Patricia Aroneseno
  • Phyllis Kool
  • Richard and Beverly Harter
  • Richard Reky
  • Ron and Judy Zakaras
  • Ron Ruh
  • Rose Marie and Jerry Ficklin
  • Sean Whalen
  • Terry and Joyce Book
  • My many donors are the real heroes who make the future brighter and brighter for those suffering with blood-related cancers, and for the many more to come in our lifetime. There is still not a satisfactory cure for cancer yet, but hopefully in due time, with the generosity of people like those mentioned on this page... there will be one!

    Thank you
    Brian Wiese