April 26, 2004

16mi on the Wabash Trail

This last Sunday morning was a wonderful day for a run, especially on the Wabash trail just over the river in Iowa. It has just rained the day before, so the ground was a little software but not muddy, as the trail has a good curvature for drainage and is made of granular compact rock. I wish I would have brought Roscoe along, but I don't know if he could have handled the distance! (This has been the longest run of my life so far!)

We ran 8 miles out and back, with a short stretch and water break at the four mile marks. The flesh around my arm pits got a bit sore from all the rubbing as I swung my arms, so it was at least good to get used to that. I'll definately put on some vasoline before the 1/2 marathon to prepare for that. Jerry and I held good pace, and I think we ran the whole 16miles in an average 7:45 minutes per mile, maybe less? I ran the last mile in hard, but so did Jerry, so I know he was definately going all out.

I feel a little better now after taking this long run, even though I missed out running on Monday. I was out of town for a job interview, but my body probably really needed the rest instead. I'll be running yet this week, to keep in preparation. It was also nice to run without a shirt on, first time I've done that this year I believe... and it was just about warm enough outside to do so. As we ran our 16mi run, starting around 9:00am, it was still a bit cool but not cold. There was a bit of a breeze as well, but the wonderful trees surrounding the Wabash trail kept the wind at bay for us most of the time. The views along the Wabash trail are just amazing though, quite scenic. I told Jerry I'll have to bring my camera next time, and I think I will. I would highly encourage everyone to check this lovely trail out if you can. (Nearby the Iowa School for the Deaf)

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April 23, 2004

Reached $2,500 in Donations

Well, today was the original "deadline" for my fundraising efforts, and I'm glad to say that we've reached $2,500 together just in time! I've had a few generous checks come in this week from friends and coworkers, and that was just enough to put me over the top with $2,516.50 so far. I'm quite thankful for everyones contributions, and wanted to let you know that I am still accepting post-race contributions until May 10th or so. May God bless you all for your sacrifices to this good cause, and I will continue to do so in my training for the half-marathon next week!

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April 21, 2004

Running is Great!

Sometimes after taking a break from running for a bit, and then going back through break-in phase again, I start feeling a little like Forest Gump! Really! Yesterday was when I first noticed it. I ran for 1/2 hour near and around the UNO campus and a pretty good pace, with some speed intervals in there as well. I was ready to cool down, but decided to go around campus again, ended up being another 15 minutes of running.

I just started "flying". My lungs were just about as efficient as possible, heart rate was pumping right in step with my pace, and my legs just kept flying out in front of me without any sign of stopping! I got another 4-5 miles in tonight at HPER, and I must say, at a pretty good pace too. (Somewhat hard to compare against all the pretty ladies just walking the track though.)

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April 19, 2004

Nearly $2500 Raised!

This is so rewarding... though the generosity of many family, friends, coworkers, and student organizations -- my fundraising has now reached nearly $2,500! This is amazing to me, and makes me feel just great that we've been able to accomplish so much. Please see my current list of donors, which is still being updated constantly, and know that these are the ones who have made the difference. I was training extra hard this morning in the weight room -- giving as much as I can since so many others have given so much as well.

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April 18, 2004

Long Run with Roscoe

So I took my dog Roscoe out running today and yesterday around Plattsmouth, but I got him especially worn out today. If you know my dog, he gets extremely excited when I come home and mention the R-U-N word to him, which leads him to run full-speed for the first 20 minutes easy. We were out for about 50 minutes today though so he was having a little trouble keeping up with me by the time we got home. =)

I ran on my heels the whole time to save strain on my arch, and iced it aftewards, but during the run on both days the pain was still noticeable though not so disruptive as to stop running. The 1/2 marathon is only 2 weeks away now and I hope my I'll be able to get back in prime shape with all injures gone by that time. I also found out one of my best friend's mom, Marion Berg, will be running the same race on May 2nd. Should be a great weekend.

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April 13, 2004

Healing Power of Golf Balls

My right arch has been just a bit too painful to run lately, even walking is noticeably uncomfortable. I ran into a friend and fellow XC runner from high school though, Jake Jamison, and he told me to roll a golf ball under my foot to stretch out my arch. Apparently he learned this from Coach Nott (our awesome XC coach from HS), and just within 10 minutes of him telling me this... another friend of mine, Ken Ross comes by with a couple golf balls and gives me one. I tried it last night, and think it helped! I've been doing ice, advil, resting, and some stretching, but I think this helped the most so far. My running friend Jerry said I've probably been straining it too much by never running on my heels, so I've started doing that more and hope to put in some good milage this week yet, instead of just situps, pushups and weights.

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April 12, 2004

Donors List Online

I've finally gotten a donors list updated and placed on the website. Please check it out and be sure to thank and support any individuals and businesses listed there for their generous contributions!

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LLS Support at UNO

Well, I just found out today that this is also "Greek Week" at UNO, and coincidentially it seems like all of the Greek organizations have gotten together to plan events and fundraise for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society all this week as well! They are sponsoring Tyler, while my honored patient is Charlie Peters. I saw they are selling braclets with Tyler's name on them and having a date auction tonight. This is really great news -- I'm glad the LLS is seeing so much support on campus this week.

The Golden Key International Honor Society at UNO is doing our fundraising raffle this week though, selling $1 chances to win a $200 home theater system. Tickets will still be for sale in MBSC on Wednesday and Thursday from 11am-1pm this week.

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April 09, 2004

4 miles indoors

With my right arch still bothering me, I got in just 4 miles on the elliptical last night in HPER. I've been taking some friends advice on stretching out my achilles and iced it last night - which was actually kind of funny because I couldn't walk too well right after that (think I left the ice on too long- muscle froze up). I'm looking for more advice on this, and really just hoping it will go away like it did on my left inner arch last week.

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April 08, 2004

Golden Key raffle for LLS

The UNO chapter of the Golden Key International Honor Society will be hosting a raffle fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society next week. Best Buy in Omaha has donated a very nice Samsung home theater system (valued over $200) for the grand prize in this raffle. In this way, you can support the research to Cure Cancer as well as get a chance to win an awesome prize.

To purchase your raffle tickets, visit the Golden Key table outside the UNO Bookstore in the Milo Bail Student Union on: Monday April 12th, Wednesday April 14th, and Thursday April 15th from 11:00am - 1:00pm. Raffle tickets are $1 each, but theres no limit to how many chances you can purchase. =) You can also contact me (bwiese[at]cotse.com) to purchase a ticket if these times do not work for you. More information is in the flyers (pdf and OpenOffice.org format).

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April 07, 2004

SWEATing it out

So, the SWEAT class tonight was pretty busy as usual. One solid hour of cardio that will definately make you a little weaker, but hopefully much stronger in the end. We did some 1 legged marching hop thing, 25x each leg like 3 times, and I thought my legs were going to give out me! It's a good feeling like that when you can "feel the burn" though.

Really good night, except for the injuries as usual... so, this evening/day my right arch (this time) is still bothering me quite a bit when running, and then I also created a nice bruise on my right shin after Judo class from walking into a concrete slab by my locker (should I be admitting this?) I keep thinking to myself a line from one of the best movies of all time, Platoon, where he says "Take the pain! Take the pain..." I also enjoyed seeing my old Marine Corp poster in my room back home: "Running won't kill you... you'll pass out first." Words to train by!

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April 06, 2004

Some cross training

Today I spent some time in HPER and did get in some lighter weight training, which is definately good for me. I was doing some squats and could definately feel it, even though what I thought I had was lighter weights than I would normally use. I guess all this running and no squats for some time is really quite noticeable. It was an all body workout today, and I did do a mile+ on the eliptical, since my right arch this time was bothering me on the treadmill. (what is it with my arches?) Tomorrow is Judo again though, and SWEAT class (which has truly gotten popular) in the evening... oh my!

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April 05, 2004

Thank you donors

I have recently been receiving a couple letters almost every day throughout the last week from friends and family making donations to support this fundraising effort of mine. Thank you all so much! I starting working on my donors page just last night, and hope to get it all setup and uploaded during the week. So, if you or your business has made a contribution, you'll be recognized up here soon... and if you haven't yet, well then hopefully this is just a little incentive to do so. I'll be updating my fundraising goal status as well, and the link to the donors will be right next to that.

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Judo and more running

I was back home in Plattsmouth for most of the weekend, and then this morning was making it out on the road a little bit later than planned to get to my 8:00am Judo class (probably my favorite class this semester). So, even before I got a workout in Judo, I got a nice warm-up in by running across Elmwood park to get to class asap... even after changing in the locker room, I was only about 8 minutes late. Judo had me sweating pretty good, so I thought I'd just squeeze in a nice run afterwards.

Well, they said it was supposed to be in the 70s today (actually 68 now) but at 9am, it was still a bit chilly. I ran for about 50 minutes around the UNO campus, down Dodge to Memorial park and up and back down that big hill, through Happy Hollow and down 60th to Center, up 63rd to the Scott Village/Hall and along south campus back up through Elmwood to HPER for some cool down, stretching and light weights.

I worked in a couple short sprinting intervals along my run, and that got me tuckered out, but I had no injury pains to report. My left knee has been bothering me a bit now this afternoon, so I hope it doesn't develop into anything much. I perhaps should have taken it a little easier today after my 10 miler yesterday, but I just felt really good about running the whole time and wanted to go out as much as I could. (There's plenty of time to rest when we're dead right?)

I'll probably change it up a little tomorrow with more weights, speed, or hills.. and then hopefully be able to make it to my SWEAT class Wednesday night -- I missed it last week due to class projects.


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April 04, 2004

10 miles on a beautiful day

Well, Jerry and I (and my dog Roscoe) finally got a 10 mile run in together, and it was a beautiful day for one. We headed out around 11:45am for a 5 mile jaunt down some back roads from Plattsmouth to Beaver Lake. Roscoe was pretty optimistic (thinking this was another one of our 4-5 mile runs around town) and went out hard to start -- but would be regretting that later.

It was nice being out on these back roads so that Roscoe could run around a little bit more, and for us since running on the gravel and dirt was probably a little easier on the joints than regular concrete. Also, Jerry had a variety of course options mapped out, so we could do 5 or 4 miles each way out to his house and back.

Once we got to Jerry's place in Beaver Lake, we all had something to drink and Roscoe especially. Roscoe who took a moment to lie down and rest while we stretched for about 5 minutes before heading back out. We actually headed out at a pretty good pace after our little respite, and made our way back on to the same 5 mile course we came in on. We got back at a pretty good pace as well, and I think our run was in the 8:00-8:30 minutes/mile range. Jerry said I ended up pushing him to run a little harder than normal (I like to take hills strong), while he actually pushed me to come out on such a long run that I haven't attempted before. Next weekend, hopefully we can do about just as many miles without much of a respite at the halfway mark (though some drinks would be nice).

Aches, Pains, and Roscoe's performance

During the run, we passed a few homes along the way with dogs outside barking at us and 1 trying to chase us a little (Roscoe basically ignored them -- I think he was a bit too exhausted do otherwise), but other than that and a few passing trucks with their dust clouds, we had few hassles. My left arch bothered me slightly around mile 4 on the way out, and a bit coming back, but it wasn't much. With Jerry's suggestion, I started running more heels-to-toe for intervals and on the downhills especially, which seemed to help. Also my right shoulder got a little pinched up (even though I'm quite used to that on my runs) and just proved to be minor. Jerry suggested moving my arms more front to back versus side to side, and I think that helped a bit. Jerry never complained about any pains, even being over 50 years old and having bad knees, so I was quite impressed, but he's a very avid runner and probably has all those "kinks" worked out already.

Roscoe was actually pretty slow on the run back. He was staying really close the whole time and basically heeling or just running along side of us (or in front of Jerry -- trying to trip him up) without going off to explore stuff. I have 2 main commands for Roscoe, "stay close" and "heel", both of which he followed quite well along the whole run. He acted like he had a sore front left paw about halfway into the run back, and I was a little worried I might have to try and carry him the next few miles back, especially if he had a cut... but, being a dog, he just kept running trying not to let it bother him I guess. By the time we got back to the cars he showed no sign of limping or favoring that paw at all. He rested pretty well once we got back home though, today was quite an exercise for him. =)


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April 03, 2004

Running with the cuz

My cousin Vincent from Arizona was in town this weekend, along with his parents who all came up to see my grandpa in the hospital. Well, since Vince is in pretty good shape, and I need to run... I convinced him to join me in a nice 1/2 hr run around the hospital. I don't think he was used to running that much, but it was good for him, and me too. I hadn't seen him in 2 years now, so it was really great to catch up and have a running partner at the same time.

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April 02, 2004

Redirect fixed for IE

Apologies to all my Internet Explorer users, but I just fixed a bug in my redirect code that wasn't redirecting visitors to my actual website properly. It was the simple difference between a "," and a ";" but seemed to work just fine from within non-IE browsers. Thanks to Jim Melonis for pointing this out for me.

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April 01, 2004

Finally - a nice run

I got a couple miles in today outside finally, and it was a wonderful day for a run! There is just so many people that run around the Elmwood/UNO/Memorial park area that its quite amazing. I ran from HPER down to Elmwood and back up and around Memorial park, down Happy Hollow to Leavenworth and down for a loop around Elmwood back up to HPER. That was a good 20 minutes or so, then got on the climber machine for a great quad workout.

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