March 30, 2004

HPER workout

Since my arch is still disturbing me, I just spent an hour on a bike and elliptical machine at HPER this evening. I did some light weight lifting as well, but was just taking it more or less easy and getting some reading in for class... just hoping to get all my injuries healed first so that I can enjoy those long runs around town again.

Tomorrow night is the SWEAT class again, so I'm kinda looking forward to that (even though it left me sore for 4 days last week). Thats definately a good workout, and makes you sweat like nonother... I do have another meeting tomorrow night though, so I'll probably have to buzz out a little early unfortunately.


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March 27, 2004

Todays running

Well, I actually didn't end up running with Jerry this morning. We had a schedule conflict, and it just wasn't too nice of a day for a long run -- its a little windy and wet, some misty rain left over from last night's shower. Also, my arch was bothering me all week, and I knew I wasn't up for 12 miles today for sure. I did go run some labs in HPER though, 3-4 miles was about all I could do at once. =( My arch pain from my left foot didn't bother me much at all until the end when I hopped on a treadmill for a final mile+, so that's 'good'?!

I was just getting really sore all over the place running those first 3-4 miles though, and that's why I had to stop and take a break. It's usually pretty common for me to get a pinch in my upper shoulders when I'm running, so I had that, then also my lower side and upper left chest... along with all my tight inner thigh muscles from an over exerted SWEAT workout back on Wednesday night! I'm suprised I was still sore from that. Perhaps I need to be warming up and stretching out more before I begin running.

So I spent a good amount of time stretching, and did some good situps to feel the burn. I'd really like to run a 'long' distance though in preparation for this race, if I can't even run 6 miles continuously how can I run 13.1, let alone 26.2? I'm actually sure I could run the 6 though, I'd just go a little slower than I was on the track. I spent 1.5 hrs in HPER, 1 hr of that running and stretching.

I really don't like the track that much anyways, it's 10 laps to a mile, and thats just too much tight turning for me to run several miles. Then I also don't like running in place on a treadmill to stare at a wall for 30-45 minutes either. I can't wait for another nice day again, it's raining decently again now, and we've got some wind bursts. What a gloomy day, I need some more sunlight!

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March 26, 2004

Friends fundraising letter

I just revised the fundraising letter that I'm sending out to my friends, especially those who did not even know me before I went though my ordeal with cancer. It's actually somewhat hard to believe, that it's already been 5 years now since that time... I've gone from a junior in high school to a senior in college already! Where does the time go?! Anyways, here's the document in PDF format for your viewing pleasure.
Download file

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One injury or another

I'm definately not going to get very close to running a marathon if my body keeps coming up with constant injuries like this... so I took my weeks of rest for the stress fracture, and then ran several miles with my dog, Roscoe, this last Friday and Saturday. So that was all fine, my stress fracture on my right leg hasn't bothered me at all, now it's something new.. a pain in my left arch?

So as I said, I ran Friday and Saturday but then took Sunday off. Monday morning I'm ready to start running again and head up to HYPER at UNO. I strapped on my gym shoes to run some laps, and they were a little tight... so I loosened them... ran a little more... loosened some more. The shoes were feeling tight on the top of my foot, and I hadn't moved more than 2/10ths of a mile, so I changed into my normal running/walking shoes.

Well, now I had noticed that the inside of my left foot arch was bothering me. It didn't go away all week and I haven't run much, just some time on the ellipitical. I bought some insoles on clearance and tried out new shoes on Wednesday at Peak Performance, but didn't buy any shoes since my arch was still bothering me. Now my insoles squeek (why can't they make them not squeek?!) so I put the standard ones back in, and it's not bothering me too much today. I went back to my SWEAT class for the first time in like 6-7 weeks last night! I really didn't have a problem... ran on my toes, and my arch didn't bother me.

So yeah -- I've got 12 miles planned for Saturday morning, lol! I'll give Jerry a call and see how I'm feeling, but now I'm just hoping I can do half. I'll push myself as hard as I can go, but not if it means breaking bones and such. =(

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March 22, 2004

Weekend long run planned

A friend at church tonight, Jerry Hoeschen, actually stopped by my fundraising table to check in on my running progress. Jerry is a pretty avid runner, and I've seen him at several races in the past, so when I told him I'm only doing 5-8 miles, he was a little concerned -- and now so am I! I know I need to get some long distance runs in, even for just the 1/2 marathon, so Jerry made me an offer... we're going to (attempt to) run about 12 miles Saturday morning, with a water stop along the way.

The plan is to run from/to Plattsmouth and Beaver Lake, down along highway 75. The forecast is for a nice day, high in the mid 60s, so hopefully this all plays out well. I'm thinking about taking my dog Roscoe along for the run, I'm sure he'll love it, I just don't want him to get hit by taffic or run through any broken glass. Roscoe and I ran at least 2x this weekend, so that was good -- he's gotten quite a workout lately. Now I'm going to be running quite a few miles this week on Mon, Tue, Th and easier days on Wed and Friday to prep for this long run. Sunday will definately be a day of rest again! (and homework/fundraising)

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Past Halfway Mark

Well, thank goodness -- I'm past the half way mark now at 57% of my minimum fundraising goal! This was all basically from friends in my parish who know my family and I, especially those who remember my ordeal a few years ago. The turnout wasn't quite as strong this weekend compared to last, and I mostly sold a lot of cookies, cupcakes and brownies (thanks Mom!) but did also get a few good sized donations from generous friends.

I still have a bunch of fundraising letters to send out to friends, family, coworkers, and some businesses in town in Plattsmouth and perhaps a few here also in Omaha. This spring break week is over already, and I wanted to get so much more done, but I'll just have to work it in this week!

At church, I did actually get to meet and talk with some high school aged visitors to my fundraising table about what I was doing (this whole fundraising thing) and why, with a little background on my story -- and I could just see the seriousness come into their eyes! I can't say I probably wouldn't do the same thing, there's always people out fundraising for something, but until the cause has some real weight on their lives do they really care to make a donation.

Simple example here was, although they already made a donation to buy some baked goods, when I told them I went though cancer while I was in high school as a junior (same as them), couldn't run for a couple years, and now I'm training for a marathon -- it has a little impact on them! I'm glad it did, because I really feel like this cause is so important (to me of course) but I can understand if others could care less. Maybe once they realize that it could happen to them as easily as it did me, or anyone else they care or know about for that matter, does it really sink in. Having a walking, talking, breathing reason like myself to emphasis the point -- and mentioning my honor patient Charlie Peters as well -- carries some weight.

Also, I was so impressed with a couple little girls bought some cookies as a donation, and told me they did some similiar fundraising for cancer! Thats just great to hear, and just like the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life campaign had more meaning to me the year after my ordeal compared to the year before it, this new campaign has a great deal of meaning as well... since it's so much more of a challenge, and the issue is just even touches me so much closer. I really hope we can find a cure for cancer soon, so especially little kids like Charlie don't have to do through the same thing I did for treating Lymphoma, and all the other blood-related cancers.

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March 18, 2004

First weekend results

After just one weekend at my church (thanks to a few very generous contributions) my fundraising total is now at $692.50! This is 46% of my minimum goal, and is pretty impressive for me. Thank you so much to everyone who gave generously... though I am still in need of quite a few more. Also, I picked up a generous contribution from the Internet via PayPal -- thank you Gregory Paskach!

I was able to send out a couple of my initial thank you letters -- though there will surely be more in coming. I finally came to a satisfactory conclusion with my Team in Training letter to Friends, as in those who know me from church. I have over 1/2 dozen of these letters set to go out in the morning, and am looking forward to some positive turnaround from them.

Also I will be putting contributors names up on my site as a thank you, and also any businesses. If you know any looking for some advertising and to take a part in this, send them my way. I'll even put company logos on my page as well. Diversified Enterprises, Inc and Weber Interprises are two that I have so far, and they will be acknowledged online soon as well. I'm really tired now, it's been a late nite and will be an even busier morning!

peace, and Thank You!

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March 13, 2004

Church fundraising

I will be taking donations and selling some baked goods after mass this weekend. I will have a table setup in the commons at the Church of the Holy Spirit (in Plattsmouth) with more information on the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Team in Training event itself after the Saturday 5pm, Sunday 8am, 11am and 5pm services. Next weekend, March 20th and 21st I will be doing the same as well. Hope to see you there!

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March 07, 2004

Fundraising so far

Thanks largely to the efforts of a coworker, Yolanda Lee, I'm off to a significant though slightly slow and late start with the actual fundraising portion of this event. One thing I've found is that I'll probably be contributing nearly just as much of my time in the fundraising portion as I have in the training one.

So Yolanda, bless her soul, had a great idea to sell bottled water at the place I work to help in my fundraising efforts. She purchased several cases of bottled water and offered each 32oz refrigerated bottle for a 50 cent donation. Though people may have been willing to contribute even $1 per bottle, she still raised $42 in just a couple short weeks. Mat Caughron donated $20 towards the effort as well.

This coming weekend I will be attending all the masses at my church to gather donations. I know the parishoners of my church already contribute quite a bit to worthy causes already, so I plan to be offering a few home baked goods in return. Your contributions of any size are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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