February 29, 2004

Website back 'online'

Well, my site was down for a couple days at least this weekend, and I'm still working on it. I have found temporary housing for http://www.brianwiese.net, and soon for http://brianwiese.net as well, with the help of Mat Caughron, a kind friend always willing to help out, even on a Sunday. =) The reason "why" my site went down was simple network connectivity issues, outside of my control.

The network where my server is hosted was adding a new uplink connection to the internet with Level 3, and in the process of this "upgrade", all existing IP addresses where changed and many sites hosted there went down accordingly. There's not much that can be done about it, as there is no service agreement for quality of service and lack of interruption, so I just have to pickup the pieces and move on. The problem is, this has happened so many times in the past couple of years to make it much more than a nuisance.

My friend Ken Ross has his site down as well due to the same issues, and since there was no telling "when" everything might be working again, I've settled on some temporary fixes for now.

I have an account on the UNO ACM webserver, and I'm actually the admin for it, so I just updated my DNS entry for www.brianwiese.net to point to that server, and configured Apache to virtual host that domain on my user webspace. So that works out nice. =) I'm also in need of some quality bandwidth and service, and so I'm setting up brianwiese.net to be co-hosted on a server with Mat Caughron's help. Thanks Mat!

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February 27, 2004

Doc says 'possible stress fracture'

Good news or bad news, I can't quite tell... the doctor's orders are 6 weeks of rest (no running, biking, heavy lifting) which really cuts into my training schedule, but at least it's not a full fracture and I may have "caught it in time" to recover and still train for the half/full-marathon! So, here's how the whole story has been playing out the past couple of weeks...

So my ankle had been bothering me for about a good week or so when running, so I decided to take it easy. I laid off running for a couple of days, did short distance jogs every other day, stopped attending my SWEAT class so that I could workout at my own pace, and started hitting the bikes in HPER to not put undue stress and weight on my ankle. I noticed I only had this "pain" deep in the bone above my ankle when I was running -- when I had pressure on it. Walking didn't bother me. I also started wearing an ace wrap, and that seemed to lessen the pain or load on my leg for light jogs around the track in HPER.

I went into an Alegent Express Care center on Monday, February 8th and got an X-ray taken. Dr. Chen couldn't see any signs in the X-ray of a fracture, so refered me to a sports medicine/orthopedics doctor at Clarkson. I made a visit with Dr. Burt the following Monday at Clarkson, and he confirmed the pain in my leg, and recommended a bone scan. Had the scan this last Monday, February 22nd - and it was pretty cool! They put some radioactive isotope in my blood that emits gamma rays! So they took some 'pictures' of the gamma rays emitting from my body uniformly as the blood circulates, and then again 3 hours later, when it should gather more around my stress fracture if I had one.

The nuclear medicine nurse , Jen (a cutie), said the pictures showed a little concentration of the gamma rays in my leg, so it was a possibility. Note: this was already at least 2-3 weeks now since I'd noticed this pain and I had been 'going easy' with training -- so it may have healed some in that time. This was the same feedback I got from Dr. Burt's nurse Nancy later in the week. So the orders are for no running, biking, or anything but necessary walking to avoid stress on my ankle. If I can get it to heal up good now, I can run hard on it later, and thats the plan! I'd also prefer not to get a full fracture. =)

So, I'm going to concentrate on swimming and upper body work now as I keep training. What I really need to be working on now is FUNDRAISING!!! I have an even longer ways to go with that, so look out for some letters in the mail and fundraising events in the area. Please contribute whatever you can in this one-time donation (tax-deductible to a non-profit 501(c)), to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


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February 22, 2004

Running for a Purpose

Hello everyone, I'm participating in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's   Team in Training event this year. Here are the details on what I'm trying to accomplish with the help of this site, and your kind generosity:

Team in Training is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's key yearly fundraising and athletic training event, with the purpose to raise funds for research into cures for Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myleoma, and other blood-related cancers as well as patient services for those affected by these tragic diseases.

I need your help in raising as much money as I can to help these people going through so much already, and this is a cause that is so close and dear to me. I am a cancer survivor myself (Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma) and am now close to my 5th year of being in remission. I am also running for a fellow survivor, Charlie Peters, and his family here in Omaha, Nebraska. Charlie's big sister is also his hero, for she too is a recent survivor of a blood-related cancer as well.

You should be happy to know no less than 75% of all your tax-deductible contributions to the non-profit Leukemia and Lymphoma Society goes directly to fund patient services and research in helping to save lives!

I'm looking forward to your support, and so is Charlie Peters, the honored patient I'm running for. Thank you for visiting, check back soon!
Brian Wiese

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February 12, 2004

Website Online

Welcome to my first "blogging" website! Yes, this site is dedicated to keeping everyone up to date on my progress in training and fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The particular fundraising event I'm participating in is called Team in Training, and its an "endurance" related sports event where we athletes and non-athletes alike strive to raise a substantial amount of money and endure an equally substantial athletic event. Some of the events include a half-marathon, full-marathon, 100-mile bike ride, and similiar events all across the country. So that's what this site is for. Please read ahead for more technical info on this site.

This site is currently powered by the Moveable Type (MT) personal publishing system, or content management system. This is one of the more popular fairly new breeds of website software for making quick websites suitable for updating in a diary-like fashion for online readers... an activity referred to as "blogging" or "web logging". This particular program only requires CGI access on the server, and can use flat text files in the Berkley DB format (as I'm using) or also make use of a MySQL or PostreSQL database.

I figured this would be the most suitable type of site for this activity I'm engaged in, because I'm sure you will all want to know "how is Brian doing?" with his Team in Training event? Well, I hope you find all your answers here. I'm completely open for comments on how to make this site better and better serve "you" -- my donating contributors and sponsors, friends, family, honored patients, and all others interested in my progress towards this "lofty goal".

If you have any ideas on fundraising suggestions as well, please let me know via email (bwiese_at_cotse.com) or by posting to this site (anonymous posts allowed).

Thanks, Brian

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