May 29, 2004

Charlie's Challenge

My honor patient, Charlie Peters, is now also new celebrity around town! I saw pictures of him posted all over my local area Baker's grocery store in support of Charlie's Challenge to raise money for Children's Hospital. Customer's "round up" their charge at Bakers to the nearest dollar, and that change adds up to potentially $25,000-30,000. Please support "Charlie's Challenge" at your nearest Omaha Bakers!

Posted by bwiese at May 29, 2004 01:39 AM

Cool! Go Charlie! What's an honor patient??

Posted by: Shyama at May 30, 2004 11:19 AM

For Team in Training (TNT) all of the participants get paired up into 'teams' (of a half dozen or so in size) around an "honor patient" whom has been diagnosed with one of the blood-related cancers that the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society tries to fight. We get to meet our honor patients at the 'kickoff' event and other TNT events, and get to know them and their story - the purpose for our sacrifices, training, and fundraising.

While many of us have our own personal friends or loved ones in mind that have been affected by blood-related cancers (and thats why we joined TNT), some do not. Charlie became our common focus point for our team. When we fundraise, we can say we're doing it "for Charlie" and tell his story. He's only 5 years old though, so he's still very much a kid, but he knows we "run for him" and such. Meeting the parents of young honor patients is very rewarding too, as they fully know how much work you're doing for them and all others battling cancer, and truly appreciate it. Through our efforts, hopefully others will not have to suffer like these patients and their families do with cancer.

Also, our race jerseys say, "My honor patient is: Charlie Peters" so others know you're running for someone special.

Posted by: Brian at May 30, 2004 01:54 PM

OHhhhh hehe. Thanks!

Posted by: Shyama at May 30, 2004 08:51 PM

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