May 16, 2004

Picnic, Mahoney Run, Pictures

The picnic today was a nice conclusion for my Team in Training (TNT) campaign. As a Team, it looks like we will have raised over $200,000 together for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - "the best season yet" they said. There are many athletes still training though, with the 100 mile bike ride around Lake Tahoe coming up next, along with the Anchorage Alaska and San Diego "Rock 'n Roll" marathons later this summer. It was actually very windy today out at Mahoney state park, and so I have some stories to share below about that, as well as: my run with Roscoe (my dog) at the park, pictures from the race and some other TNT info.

Windy Day
This was definately the windiest day I've seen yet this year, and being out in the middle of Mahoney State Park (in the middle of nowhere of course) on a hill probably didn't help. The little windblock we had from a few trees wasn't much, but that's what made it memorable! There was this kind lady, Angie, who sat at the same table I was, (and had been training for a marathon until recently getting a fracture in her leg) and she navigated carefully in her crutches with her food... then suddenly I saw something I've never seen before! Just as she placed her plate on the table, a strong burst of wind instantly tossed the plate into this other lady who was sitting across the table... but the plate was empty! The food had remained stationary -- and landed right on the table -- while the plate few out straight from underneath! Impressive.

There was a lot of aluminum cans and napkins flying around as well, so I helped pick them up a little (my good turn for the day). This wind also made running quite a challenge at times -- which just makes you stronger right?

Run With Roscoe
Roscoe woke me up this morning (as usual when I stay at my folks house in Plattsmouth) with his wining, a little barking, and poking me with his wet nose as I laid in bed. When I did get up, I put on some shorts and I think he immediately got the wrong impression... that we were going for a "r-u-n" (as we sometimes do in the morning), while actually I had to work around the yard all day and help my parents. He got a bit upset with me (to say the least) and acted all depressed lying on his pillow since we hadn't gone out for a run that morning. So as I'm eating lunch at noon - I just remembered about the TNT picnic, and thought it would be a good opportunity to take Roscoe out for a run around Mahoney State Park. After meeting some TNT people -- including my honor patient Charlie Peters and his father (who took off before I could get a picture) -- and Rosoe got done sniffing the other dogs that were there, went for our run.

Roscoe took off (but stayed close) as we ran around this little lake and made our own trail more or less -- this was mistake. Circling up towards the main lodge, I nearly stepped on one average-sized garder snake, and that was a scarry suprise! Later I ran on this board walk around a pond and waterfall (while Roscoe took a bath in it) and we ran up along side the horse stalls - again off of the concrete trails and in the grass instead. This time I nearly stepped on a 5 foot long snake who was nearly 1" wide in diameter! I don't know what kind it was, but it definately was not a garder snake, and it was a whole lot scarrier than the first. I decided to stay more-or-less on the road and trails after that. Roscoe of course didn't see it, he had also chased out 2 rabbits from some evergreens and missed those as well. (typical Roscoe)

TNT Bulletin Board
Today I was thinking again to myself that some kind of team collaboration would be nice, and instead of a mailing list -- perhaps a bulletin board would be a nice fit! Well, lo and behold, I find the Team in Training BB (in frame). Theres a lot of good discussion, and I even learned that the upcoming Nike Women's marathon is open to men as well -- I was wondering about that! I'd like to run this one in San Francisco, but I'll likely be in Norway (studying abroad) in October. =( I'll be running in Norway though for sure, hopefully they have some marathons there as well. =)

Lincoln Marathon Pictures
Yeah, I was geting so excitied to finally check out my pictures from the Lincoln half-marathon (results) on the action sports website... I was even running alone mostly out in the open so the photographers could get some good shots of me... I found none! I guess the photography was done by brightroom, as they did my Living History Farms 2003 race photos and that was nice (you can even search by last name from their site, and they have TONS of races, especially in San Francisco -- wish I ran there more last summer). I was looking forward to a finish line photo (I kicked it in for the last 200m), but alas, none. My parents couldn't keep up with me in the race, and many of the finish line shots by the photographers where terribly dark with the sun behind everyone's back (these are professional photographers?) There were many good shots though, and it takes skill for those action shots.

I did (waste an hour or so of my time) searching through all the pics, and found a couple shots, but nothing good. =( I found a couple pictures of my shoulder in with Mike's pics around the last mile or so (and me dying). Mike and I finished at nearly the exact same time, yet the results showed him ahead of me... I don't understand this. I found a few other Nebraska TNT runners pics though, and Steph had a nice one, I saw her at the picnic today (but was the only one I recognized there from the photos). I met Melissa briefly before the race. They did get my friend Jerry Hoeshen at the finish line, several shots of John How, and my marathon-running high school cross country coach Todd Nott... but thats all for the people I know (I think). [odd note: coach Nott's race number "477" is the same number of my old Boy Scout Troop in Plattsmouth (I'm an Eagle Scout!)]

TNT Personal Website
If you are participating in Team in Training, and like the format of this web log (blog) I've been using to journal my training and progress... please let me know and I will gladly help set you up on the right path to do the same thing. There are a few free blog sites out there, or get your own domain, setup the DNS, host your own site or find a blogging server, and choose from a variety of blogging software, such as: wordpress, b2evolution, blosxom, easymoblog, moveable type, cafelog/b2, simple phpblog, bblog, serendipity or any number of others... search sourceforge to find a few more. I find it very useful to add updates to my site from any browser I happen to be at.

Thats it -- I think... talk to you all later on another blog, or my main site (whenever that gets back up and running).


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