April 26, 2004

16mi on the Wabash Trail

This last Sunday morning was a wonderful day for a run, especially on the Wabash trail just over the river in Iowa. It has just rained the day before, so the ground was a little software but not muddy, as the trail has a good curvature for drainage and is made of granular compact rock. I wish I would have brought Roscoe along, but I don't know if he could have handled the distance! (This has been the longest run of my life so far!)

We ran 8 miles out and back, with a short stretch and water break at the four mile marks. The flesh around my arm pits got a bit sore from all the rubbing as I swung my arms, so it was at least good to get used to that. I'll definately put on some vasoline before the 1/2 marathon to prepare for that. Jerry and I held good pace, and I think we ran the whole 16miles in an average 7:45 minutes per mile, maybe less? I ran the last mile in hard, but so did Jerry, so I know he was definately going all out.

I feel a little better now after taking this long run, even though I missed out running on Monday. I was out of town for a job interview, but my body probably really needed the rest instead. I'll be running yet this week, to keep in preparation. It was also nice to run without a shirt on, first time I've done that this year I believe... and it was just about warm enough outside to do so. As we ran our 16mi run, starting around 9:00am, it was still a bit cool but not cold. There was a bit of a breeze as well, but the wonderful trees surrounding the Wabash trail kept the wind at bay for us most of the time. The views along the Wabash trail are just amazing though, quite scenic. I told Jerry I'll have to bring my camera next time, and I think I will. I would highly encourage everyone to check this lovely trail out if you can. (Nearby the Iowa School for the Deaf)

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