April 18, 2004

Long Run with Roscoe

So I took my dog Roscoe out running today and yesterday around Plattsmouth, but I got him especially worn out today. If you know my dog, he gets extremely excited when I come home and mention the R-U-N word to him, which leads him to run full-speed for the first 20 minutes easy. We were out for about 50 minutes today though so he was having a little trouble keeping up with me by the time we got home. =)

I ran on my heels the whole time to save strain on my arch, and iced it aftewards, but during the run on both days the pain was still noticeable though not so disruptive as to stop running. The 1/2 marathon is only 2 weeks away now and I hope my I'll be able to get back in prime shape with all injures gone by that time. I also found out one of my best friend's mom, Marion Berg, will be running the same race on May 2nd. Should be a great weekend.

Posted by bwiese at April 18, 2004 10:04 PM
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