Javascript link in YYMMDD format

January 3rd, 2009

Today I tried my luck at making a custom javascript link based on the current date from the client side. There was one “gotcha” in testing it in firefox though, the traditional code like this didn’t work.

So I just had to write out the whole HREF tag in the javascript function. For more details see my Creating a Custom Javascript link wiki page.

back online…

September 4th, 2008

Just after my last blog post in early July, my website got attacked due to an old wordpress install I still had running which was seriously out of date and vulnerable. (more details later) Hopefully the server remains stable, my network connectivity has been quite unreliable here in Nebraska.

Some publicity lately, photo licensing

October 9th, 2007

My online presence has actually driven some feedback to me (in addition to the spam), and I think that’s been worthwhile. I think I’d like to really start developing more content, in quality and quantity, for my audience – even if that be only myself and a few close friends. =)

What I have gotten the most inquiries about though, is requests for permission to use my photo of Sykes Hot Springs that I took back in February 2006. I was flattered to have it mirrored on the Hot Springs page of the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce website. I need to post some kind of Creative Commons License on my site, but I still like “being asked for permission” of course. At least that lets me know people enjoy my photo!

With the recent issue about girl from Texas suing Virgin Mobile and now also Creative Commons for using a photo of her from Flickr in Australian advertising without her knowledge/consent — I think I’d have to be careful about which photos are allowed for republication!

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June 7th, 2006

In the online blogging world, there’s a new synonym for SSO, and it’s name is sxore! Well, actually the protocol/architecture is sxip (see faq) and sxore is the “identity and reputation system for blog authors” but also provides the “homesite” functionality now for me to manage my online identity in the blogging world!

I’ve just started hearing about Identitiy 2.0 since discovering Dick’s OSCON ’05 presentation, but his latest presentation Who is the Dick on your site? really got my attention — with a demo of a super-easy to install WordPress plugin — so that I had to drop everything to immediately turn my blog into a “membersite” for others to post to! Waiting for my first sxore-powered commentor!

First Thoughts:

Similar to drupal’s distributed authentication system where you could comment on a blog from any drupal account. (apparently there were some problems?) Unfortunately, this required the “membersite” and “home/base-site” to be running drupal. I’m patiently awaiting for the free “homesite”* software release so that I can store my identity information on my own server. =)

How long do you think before google tries to buy this one up? Likely they’ll quickly find a way to painlnessly integrate your google account into the SXIP framework. =)

*Update: posted too soon, just found the homesite 2.0 software on the Downloads page. =) I save that for tomorrow! * re: terms “homesite” == “Identity Agent”, “membersite” == “Identity Consumer”, and I believe the homsite acts as an “Identity Issuer” as well.

Integrating Gallery the Right Way

February 21st, 2006

I’ve been using Gallery to power my online photo albums for a few years now, and just found out that there was a security advisory for 1.5 and all prior versions. In the processes of upgrading to the latest patch level, I found mention of the
html_wrap directory in my gallery install which lets me easily customize the sides, header or footer that envelopes my gallery install. Using this should make future upgrades seamlessly easy, at least compared to my hacks at modifying the source files directly and running diff on them all! Simply rename any of the files to remove the .default extension then just edit to your liking! I added these notes to my wiki on the proper way to integrate gallery with the rest of my website theme.

More plugins

July 25th, 2005

I’ve just installed the UTW2 plugin which I saw in use on dan cameron’s site, along with quicktag for html code for those writing comments. I grabbed a shoutbox that is ajax powered (very cool) and now I’m looking at a spell checker. Yee-ha! this is neat stuff.

Some things I’d still like to integrate into my site/blog are: wordpress/gallery integration, random image (that looks good) from gallery, quote of the day, captcha, stats, change the random images in my theme, theme switcher…

Testing WP Themes

July 20th, 2005

I’m currently enjoying the Random Image theme for WP 1.5 (seen on though I’ll probably change the images out sometime. Has anyone else done this yet?

One photo software trick I’ve been looking for, is a good way to create an outline box of a certain size (or scaled) then navigate it over a large image to find the section to crop. Then the cropped image always has the dimensions you want! Why is this so hard – I imagine there must be a FOSS tool for it.