German Family Photo

November 9th, 2008

I was just checking out again today and got some happy birthday wishes recently. What was really impressive, was my friend and distant-family-member Rolf posted a group photo of my visit with Melissa and Tini last summer. It was really nice of him, and so I dug up my copy (I prefer the antique look) and wanted to post it to share. Eventually, these photos will make it to the site when I get it rebuilt! =)

Melissa, Tini, Brian and the Kimmeyer Family in Germany. July 2007

The Kimmeyer family now currently lives in the house and on the farm that once belonged to my great-great-great grandfather. They offered such warm hospitality, splendid company, and conveniently for us – all spoke English very well!

Updates? We don’t need no…

March 27th, 2007

Ok, but maybe an update would be nice! Since my last post about the exciting ‘via ferrata’ course in WV, I’ve (done a lot), then moved back to Monterey over the Christmas/New Years holidays. I saw several good friends and family along the way (Jeff in CO, Mike in NM, Vince and Terri in AZ, Pat in CA, Liane in CA). Back in school now, I’ve got a thesis to work on until graduation in June. So you may not see many more updates until then… this thesis will be taking all of my time. =)

Lost Cellphone Story, Harassment

August 21st, 2005

The Suprise – Last night after my brother’s wedding (which was great btw — future post) we went out to eat after the reception for a 2am breakfast at Perkins. Apparently then my phone slid out of my pocket and got left behind at the booth, then the next early-morning customer likely found it… and began to abuse it extensively. He made his way through calling perhaps everyone in my address book on my phone and left them terrible messages early Sunday morning or harassed them over the phone personally, eventually pretending to be me after finding out my name from the conversations. Almost all of my family and friends in town for the wedding received the nasty messages, and were a bit shocked to receive them of course. I don’t think many had even checked yet to see that they were supposedly from “me”.

My parents received the messages as well, and that morning we worked to get the phone back and get it disconnected. Calling my cellular service providor (Alltel) from their number in the phone book and the 1800-Alltel9 number, all I got was an automated machine with no option to speak with a person for technical support until regular office hours resumed on Monday. I found this perhaps the most frustrating and disturbing, even more so than the harassing calls being made on my behalf all morning, was the feeling of not being able to do anything in response. (Assuming everyone who knows me would be able to immediately conclude these calls were not from me since it is completely out of character for me and voice differences.)
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Summer Ending, Wedding Approaching

August 12th, 2005

I now have less than 1 week left of my summer out in Maryland. Just this week we had the farewall lunch at the Silver Diner (I thought the burgers were great!) and I gave my presentations of my work for the summer. I’ve enjoyed my summer, but alas, it always seems to go so fast… perhaps that’s how we know it was great!? I have got to spend some time with old friends, make new ones, explored some of the east coast, and now it’s time yet again to return home to family and activities in Nebraska. I’ll get back just in time to prepare for my brother’s wedding! Just another time marker for new beginnings as I give closure to my summer here, and also a new beginning with graduate school classes to begin in September.

In brevity, just a few of the things I’ve gotten to experience this summer include (each a story in itself): trip to NYC (cheap bus to chinatown, great hostel, bad hostel), white water rafting, hiking the Appalachian trail and biking DC with Eric (photos), hiking Sugarloaf Mtn. with Dan, took in an Orioles game with John, the DC United vs. Chelsea game with Eric and Mark, 4th of July fireworks on the mall, some practice dancing, hike to Calvert Cliffs, memorial day in DC, young adult church group meetings and activities – including sailing!, discovered Theology of the Body, read 1984 and Boy Meets Girl, and learned a lot about working in research (yeah to gnuplot!). Photo links updated