Set Gmail as default email client in Firefox (and Chrome fail)

June 18th, 2011

Have you ever setup a new computer or web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome… and if nothing else is available IE) and then click on a “mailto:link in a webpage to email someone, and suddenly Outlook Express starts up?! Perhaps like most people, I’ve finally moved to using Gmail (or other web-based email) as my primary email address. It’s now actually very easy to setup Firefox to use Gmail or Yahoo! Mail as the default email client, while I used to use an extension for this. This feature has been around for at least a year now.

Just go to Tools-> Options, select Applications, type “mail” in the search box and select Gmail from the Actions drop down. Simple!


Oddly, while Google both owns and develops Gmail AND Chrome… setting up Gmail as the default email client in Chrome still requires a 3rd party extension or serious tweaking with your Windows File Type Settings in XP and Windows Registry in Vista and Win 7!! Come on Google… it’s time to learn something from Mozilla! =)