Magicjack broke during Magictalk upgrade?

February 16th, 2011

A couple of weeks ago my magicJack (original) stopped working, the software would not even start up like normal even though it’s shortcut was in the Start->Programs->Startup folder on my Windows XP system. Instead the magicTalk website popped up – powered by magicJack. I presumed the magicJack software was now called magicTalk since even the website was redirecting to (It’s not – they are completely different software: magicJack drives your dongle + phone, magicTalk is like skype and let’s you make calls using your computer headset. Note there is now also a “magicJack plus” which is the same as the original but I hear plugs direclty into your network w/o the need of a computer running the magicJack software… WIN! finally!) So I tried the upgrade but it did not work – it told me to plug in my magicJack but it already was!?

So the quick fix for this was to:

  1. Optionally uninstall Magicjack from the Control Panel.
  2. Unplug the magicJack from your computer’s usb port
  3. Download and run the mjRemover.exe application
  4. Download and run the Microsoft FixIt application
  5. Optionally restart your computer
  6. Plug the magicJack back into your computer’s usb port
  7. The magicJack autorun from the usb device should download and install the latest magicJack software automatically
  8. Enjoy using your magicJack again!

The text of my online techchat conversation with Tara magicJack customer support is below after the cut.

PS – I also just noticed that my magicJack phone calls sound clearer when called directly to my magicJack number instead of using Google Voice. Typically I would launch Google Voice to call my magicJack number and connect me with my friend. While they could hear me just fine, their voice would be chopping like from a slow internet connection. Since I have ADSL I would have thought my (upload) voice would have the most problems. So I don’t know what the case is, maybe my calls are still going through Google after the connection? I do know the call quality was much better on my friend called me back on my magicJack number – the difference was night and day.
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