A Baltimore Fine Art Portrait Photographer

September 26th, 2009

Today for the first time I met Kimberly, of Kimberly Fine Art Portraits in Baltimore/Owings Mills, MD and got a nice little tour of her newly remodeled (and massive) studio. I actually stopped by to look at an older camera she had for sale on craigslist, and after a little Canon-photographer bonding – we ended up talking photography for about an hour! She’s very socialable, experienced and was generous in giving me ideas and advice on how to improve my digital workflow, manage my memory cards, and keep organized once photography becomes a profession!

Kimberly Fine Art Portraiture

Kimberly Fine Art Portraiture

All the while, I was admiring her photographic work (ok – it’s “fine art” – truly) and working environment. With 30 years of photography experience, working with such icons as Monte Zucker and other notable photographers – her talent shows as she’s won numerous accolades and awards over the years. Do you remember those paintings of royalty that would hang in castles? That’s what Kimberly’s portraits look like – fine art! It was great to meet with her, and actually a few other photographers lately (Jenni – portrait/wedding photographer, Sean – “Alpine” wedding photography) all thanks to craigslist shopping encounters!

How to Initialize a New Hard Drive on Windows Vista

September 16th, 2009

I noticed that the process to initialize a new hard drive on Windows Vista is not particularly intuitive – at least for a first time user – myself included! (I’ve just always used GNU/Linux, LiveCD or boot disk from the Win9X era.) However, in Windows 2000 and above, including Vista:

  1. Launch the Computer Management: [Win]+[r] or simply [Win] and enter compmgmt.msc in the run/search box
  2. Go to Storage -> Disk Management
  3. Find the drive from the list (colored black if unformatted)
  4. Right-click on the “Disk Label” on the left (displays the drive name and size, not the drive image) and select Initialize Disk
  5. Then you can right-click on the drive image to Create New Simple Volume

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