How to print Southwest boarding pass on one page without ads

I just noticed that Southwest airlines is now placing advertisements on their print-from-home boarding passes. =( I have two flights tomorrow morning, but instead of printing both passes on one page (which was standard in the past, also saving paper and the planet) the print preview now shows several ads after the first boarding pass and then the second boarding pass on another page. You’ll need to remove the ads and the page break to force the printout to print to two pages. Here’s the simple way to print out your boarding passes on one page:

1) Save the boarding pass webpage to your desktop.
    (File -> Save Page As. Save as “Web page, complete”.)
2) Right click on the viewBoardingPass.htm file and open with Notepad
3) Scroll down to where you see the “- – – FOLD HERE – – -” line, then just below it: Remove the following advertisement and page break lines:


4) Save the edited file (overwriting it).
5) Drag viewBoardingPass.htm back onto Firefox to check it out.
6) Print preview, and then Print! with delight!

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