Create Multipage or Merge Multiple PDFs into one for free with Irfanview!

June 4th, 2009

The other day I was scanning in multiple pages of a document into PDF format with my favorite image/scanning/multi-tool Irfanview and the Irfanview plugins. However, when I tried to merge all of the PDF page files into one single document using a, multitude, of pdf tools (except because it was a sensitive document) but was unable to because there was an owner password created with the PDF randomly that I didn’t know about — so these tools wouldn’t let me merge the PDF files I created!

After some email correspondence with Irfan himself I just downloaded and installed the latest version 4.23 and found “New multipage images menu: Create Multipage PDF” in the release notes! And this worked wonderfully! Irfanview apparently completely ignored the random embedded password. It’s good to know that I can use Irfanview to merge the PDF files I created with Irfanview. =)

To do this, simply (from the help system):
Click on the View Menu, point at Multipage images. A sub-menu opens with several options to click… including “Multipage PDF” and “Multipage TIF”. Then simply select your input files and the name of your ouput PDF file and you’re set! Much easier and simpler than the other PDF tool programs as well!

Create Multipage PDF with Irfanview + Plugins

Create Multipage PDF with Irfanview + Plugins

I just showed my support for Irfanview, and if you love this application as much as I do (I’ve been using it since 1996, since it was the only extensive image viewer I could find that would fit on a floppy back then!) then I hope you’ll support Irfan too!