Trip to Seattle and Chase Jarvis

Watching Chase Jarvis FRAMES: Studio Buildout timelapse video on youtube with a soundtrack from Moby was an incredible visual experience for me. I was so impressed and dreamed of having a studio just like this! So nearly a year later I made a trip to Seattle to see a friend of mine and couldn’t resist sneaking a peak of the studio space – just to say “I’ve been there” and connect in reality with this structure that seemed as surreal to me as Schloss Neuschwanstein in a sense.

I caught a bus up to the neighborhood and walked around looking for the studio. When I first saw it and realized what I was looking at, I thought it was a bit modest and unassuming which even added more to it’s charm. Then I got a little nervous… I was just expecting to stop by and put my face up against the window or something to take a peek — but inside the entire crew was there at work!

Brian Wiese and Chase Jarvis

Visit with Chase Jarvis at his Seattle studio

After walking back and forth on the sidewalk from outside the studio, I finally got my courage up and decided to just walk in and say “Hi”, to shake the hand of the man and let him know how much of a fan I am of his work — especially all of the educational content and photography “secrets” he creates and shares online for free via youtube, his blog, etc. Chase was super cool and awesome — even more awesome in person than he appears online in his videos… which is already pushing the limits of awesome! He has just got this great friendly, casual, intelligent and charming personality about him that makes you want to hang out with him and you know it will be a lot of fun.

We just chatted briefly, talked cameras a bit (my Canon Rebel XTi/400D vs. the Nikon D90 which recently came out — in large success due to this video by Chase and crew), my current photographic goals and aspirations, he introduced the crew (which I felt that I already had some familiarity with from their appearances on video too), and the whole time Chase was just very genuine, patient and humble while being “larger than life” in my mind. He even thanked me and said he appreciated my visit — even though I was already feeling bad for interrupting their work. Scotty was cool too and snapped a picture of us with some nice side light from the studio glass garage doors. It was a sweet visit and I was so glad to finally meet the man in person — who had already given me so much inspiration and education for free online. As a parting gift, he even gave me some free Chase Jarvis Holiday 2009 special coasters — some very select swag!

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