Trip to Seattle and Chase Jarvis

February 23rd, 2009

Watching Chase Jarvis FRAMES: Studio Buildout timelapse video on youtube with a soundtrack from Moby was an incredible visual experience for me. I was so impressed and dreamed of having a studio just like this! So nearly a year later I made a trip to Seattle to see a friend of mine and couldn’t resist sneaking a peak of the studio space – just to say “I’ve been there” and connect in reality with this structure that seemed as surreal to me as Schloss Neuschwanstein in a sense.

I caught a bus up to the neighborhood and walked around looking for the studio. When I first saw it and realized what I was looking at, I thought it was a bit modest and unassuming which even added more to it’s charm. Then I got a little nervous… I was just expecting to stop by and put my face up against the window or something to take a peek — but inside the entire crew was there at work!
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