Travel in 2009

I’m trying to decide where I might travel to this next year in 2009… since I did so much traveling in 2007, I made a pact that I should only do international travel “every other year” so that I could afford the finances! In that year I graduated from NPS, drove across the entire country camping and sight-seeing along the way, then backpacked around Europe for 7 months seeing friends and new places — hitting 10 countries in all, then finally had a family vacation to Hawaii for Christmas and the New Year. So, that was an expensive year!

So far on the radar for 2009, I’ve got a friend inviting me to go to Iceland in March to admire the glaciers and take advantage of the good exchange rate, my study abroad in Norway group reunion planned for May in London, and another friend inviting me down to Honduras to volunteer with street children and practice my Spanish! Oh, if only I could afford to do them all!

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