I’m a Catholic Voting for Bob Barr

This is a fairly late announcement I know, but after Ron Paul dropped out of the race months ago… I was just too distraught to look at the other 3rd party candidates much. I’ve finally been hearing more and more about Bob Barr though, and I think the guy he says he is “now” is pretty good… good enough to be President… and a much better pick than the offerings from the two main parties!

In general, he doesn’t have quite the impeccable voting track record or moral compass in his personal life as Ron Paul, but Bob Barr was a Republican Congressman who saw how bad the party had become after 9/11 with the big government neo-conservatives (thoughtlessly sacrificing liberty for the perception of safety and more government) and so he got out… and joined the Libertarian party in 2006. He is pro-life, pro-marriage, anti-war, wants to maximize civil liberty & states rights, minimize the federal government, knows a thing or two about international affairs and defense, and so all of these things sound like are a great mix for me.

The sad thing is, he’s just now recently come to a very stunning 180-degree turn around on some issues he’s held in the past (drug war, abortion, personal/religious restrictions, others)… and has historically dramatically shifted his views. =( However, now he is very much in favor of considering the harm reduction principle and leaving many of these failed policy decisions to the states, avoiding a “one-size-fits-all” federal solution.

Quick facts: He’s 59, born in Iowa, traveled the world with military father who was trained in engineering, attended high school in Tehran Iran, worked at the CIA as an analyst for 8 years, started a law practice in Georgia, has degree in International Affairs, is married to his 3rd wife, regrets voting for the Patriot Act and voting to authorize the Iraq War.

See Bob Barr on wikipedia politics, on the issues, and on youtube.

Ultimately, this vote is about CHANGE, about CHANGING the TWO PARTY system we have, and restoring the conservative platform to the Republican party which the NeoCons have stolen! This vote is a vote for our CONSTITUTION, for limited government, for LIBERTY… or in the words of William Wallace (Braveheart) “FREEEEEEDDOOOOMMM!”.

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This is the Time for Liberty

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