Christian Adventure Missions and Outreach

I just stumbled upon The World Race, an 11-month 11-country journey for Christian young adults to spread their love of God through Jesus Christ our Savior to those who most desperately need Him and His Love in our world. Now, does that sound like an adventure or what? For the soul, spirit, mind and body! Just read some of the WR blogs and you’ll see, this is a great program and I’m glad to see them using blogs to share the experience widely.

As an alternative, if you’re interested in a shorter trip, consider Adventures in Missions as a start. I would have loved to have done that, to re-energize my Christian faith and feel great for actually “doing something” to help those in need in our world. Melissa and I actually looked into doing “volunteer vacations” during summer 2007… but we had so many places and people we wanted to visit that we just didn’t have the time. A great Catholic friend of mine, Laura Long (aka dovekeeper) has actually spent well over a year in Honduras, throughout multiple trips, helping the street children with the ProNino foundation. Here is a video she made about it in preparation for her 2007 stay.

When it comes to international volunteer work though, there are many options, as I found in my early research. I would like to help people in need, learn a foreign language and culture, and preferably offer IT, education and building assistance. Here are some sources: [tech bend: free networks, geek corps(long term)], catholic network of volunteer service, cross cultural solutions, cactus, global volunteers, volunteer international (search many other programs), idealist, i to i, travel to teach, volunteers for peace, so many more…

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