Final Tribute to Ron Paul

After all of the “Ron Paul” posts I’ve made to this blog in recent months, I think it’s only fitting that I provide some closure and a “final tribute” to the Ron Paul campaign for president. Many, including myself, say: Dr. Ron Paul certainly “cured my apathy” for politics. He sparked a deep passion in not only me, but many Americans across the country who valued his well reasoned arguments, and the principles of liberty, freedom and justice to guide our country to prosperity, peace and respect in the world. I feel Ron Paul was the best candidate for the 2008 election and hope for our country, but the R[evol]ution he ignited still burns on…

The Ron Paul Army of supporters are guiding us to the Campaign for Liberty to keep the “Ron Paul message” alive. There is also a Revolution March on July 12th in DC that I wish I could attend. You can also find and support fellow liberty-loving Ron Paul candidates for Congress — and though I still need to examine each candidate individually before I support them — it’s nice to know they share a similar mindset with Ron Paul. While I did not agree with every stance Ron Paul took on the issues, I did for the most part, and I definitely respect him mostly for his principled stances and reasons for the opinions he held. “You always know where he stands” – unlike most all so called “politicians”.

This Fourth of July – I’m celebrating our country, and Ron Paul who reminded me how great our country really is – or certainly can be – if we rediscover the simple principles and truths it was founded upon.

In closing, I’d like to record some of my favorite Ron Paul graphics for posterity:


Final note, the “Ron Paul Girl” “Liv” unfortunately moved on as well, and the films are no longer as interesting. (imho)

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