Most Tech Friendly President

There are perhaps a few of you “tech geeks” out there reading this blog, but do you know who would be the most “tech friendly” candidate for President?! Based on this survey on, it appears to be Ron Paul or Barack Obama. Actually, “Only Barack Obama and Ron Paul gave us forthright replies, and they deserve credit for their directness.” Both candidates gave nearly identical responses, however a few of Paul’s were emphasized as “strong no”! (I like his style!) The only question with notable differences, would be the net neutrality issue – and I feel that has solely to do with the format of the question. Ron Paul is the most “Net neutral” candidate because he wants the government to “keep their hands off” of it. As the question was posed:

Q: Congress has considered Net neutrality legislation, but it never became law. Do you support the legislation that was re-introduced in 2007 (S 215), which gives the FCC the power to punish “discriminatory” conduct by broadband providers?

This makes the question murky, because it’s questioning “Net neutrality” and then adding in that the FCC should decide if neutrality was achieved or not – instead of the courts! So I see that as a problem question. In the end, the Net should stay as neutral as possible to prevent creating “classes” of users and traffic, which is simply another tool for the telecoms to use to charge you more money. Read more for a brief background on Net neutrality.

Some background… so “net neutrality” refers to the Internet in it’s current state, that is “all packets are equal” in how they are processed and go about on the Internet. However, they are not identical for sure – as a packet from the Web, FTP, Email, bittorrent, streaming media, etc can all be distinguished and given different priorities for their needs. Over the past several years, MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) has come to dominate the Internet’s core networking infrastructure to make it more manageable, but this also can be used to introduce “classes” of service. So you may have to pay more to get a better internet connection, traffic to some sites could be slowed with prejudice, or other situations. The issue should not be the technology (MPLS, etc), but whether “free speech” and the equal access to sharing information can be ensured and not manipulated.

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