Teaparty07 — 4 days until Dec 16th!

December 12th, 2007

As I mentioned before, the 2007 (Liber)Tea Party is about to take place this Sunday. Show your support for our Constitution, including the role of our federal government and liberty it established for all citizens, and donate to Ron Paul’s campaign. Be a part of it!

Have you been listening? Then let’s do something!
This December 16th, 2007 – it’s time to reclaim our Liberty!

A Blimp? Yes, a BLIMP! A Ron Paul BLIMP!

December 10th, 2007

The Ron Paul Blimp fund raiser has succeeded, and now Ron Paul will become the first presidential candidate to have his own blimp! This is a message from the “people”, not the mainstream media, so listen up and be a part of it – the Ron Paul Love Revolution – or live with the consequences. Read the writings on the walls, Ron Paul supporters are everywhere around you, listen to their voices via the Internet!

You can help to support Ron Paul advertising or celebrate the season of giving by dropping a load of cash into the Ron Paul campaign and show your support for LiberTea on December 16th – the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party!

The blimp is starting to get some mainstream coverage…