Thoughts on Veterans Day

I love my country, I fear my government. I honor my grandfather and his brothers who fought in WWII, my father (uncle & aunt also) who served in the armed forces, and especially my brother and friends who have gone off to fight in Iraq. They’ve all sacrificed for our country, thank God they are all still alive, but every veterans day I’m also haunted by the reasons our country has gone to war since WWII…

I just found that I share the sentiments of Naman Crowe, a Vietnam veteran, as he shares his thoughts on Veterans day in his article “Give Us a Reason to Die“. Quotes are included below:

Being a veteran, I can’t help but feel a certain remorse every year on Veterans Day because I know that all those who have died in combat since World War II died for nothing. I know that they were wounded for nothing and that they have suffered for nothing.

Except for World War II, there has not been a single American soldier that died defending our liberties. Not one has been wounded in defense of our country. Not one has suffered in order that we might live free

Our soldiers are not used to defend our liberties. They are just used. They are used to pacify the ego and carry out the policy of the American president and his main thinkers.

It’s not that we shouldn’t honor our veterans. Of course we should. But we should honor them with the truth. They sacrifice their lives and take the bullets and do the killing and endure the suffering in order to pacify the ego of the American president and to carry out his policies. Not since World War II, has it had anything to do with defending our liberties and way of life.

Since wars have been started politically, it only makes sense for me to address the note that Ron Paul will not lead us into any more unjust wars – and will always follow the Constitution that wars are not started by a president, but “declared by Congress”, (edit) in order to defend the liberties of our country. Here’s a solemn video reminder of the effects of our war in Iraq, our economy, and why we need a Tea Party in 2007:

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