Make History Tomorrow – Nov 5th!


The cost of a “Ron Paul – Hope for America” bumper sticker: $3
The cost of a Ron Paul for President T-shirt: $11-25 (other T’s Revolution, Zazzle 100% proceeds to Ron Paul)
The cost of a 12″x18″ Ron Paul 2008 car magnet: $39
The cost of liberty and justice: PRICELESS

“This message is powerful!” – Ron Paul
Let’s help get the message out to the main stream media and the rest of our American brothers and sisters not watching YouTube and reading about Senator Dr. Ron Paul online!

Is LIBERTY worth $100 to you? $200, $500, $1000? Let’s make History!
This November 5th… join me in contributing $100 or more to Ron Paul and the message of Liberty and Justice for all! This is a Revolution – it’s time to take back the U.S. Constitution!

See also: Ron Paul Nation, and in particular the many videos online at and on youtube RonPaul2008dotcom.
Mark November the 5th and speak for Freedom!!!

Remember V’s message to the nation in the film V for Vendetta… here is V for Vendetta Speech to the nation:

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    The link for the car magnets has changed, they are actually now at:

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