The Ron Paul Story (1996)

Who is Ron Paul? This short biographical video below, from 1996, gives you a good idea certainly of who Ron Paul is as a person….

Ron Paul is a man of principle, and his principles are strongly in line with the U.S. Constitution. He is also a family man, doctor and author who looks out for the best interests of people, not politics. He is a man of service and unshakable morals, one who truly knows that it is “better to stand alone than in bad company” and this is exactly what he has done for over a decade in Congress. After voluntarily resigning from office to resume his medical practice, he re-ran for Congress in 1996. This video from that Congressional campaign provides a wonderful glimpse into who the man “Ron Paul” is. This video can be found on, while more up to date information is available at Ron Paul 2008. Make your vote for liberty count with a vote for Dr. Ron Paul.

For a more thorough biography, see Ron Paul on Wikipedia.
Ron Paul will be on Jay Leno Tuesday Oct 30th!

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