Some publicity lately, photo licensing

My online presence has actually driven some feedback to me (in addition to the spam), and I think that’s been worthwhile. I think I’d like to really start developing more content, in quality and quantity, for my audience – even if that be only myself and a few close friends. =)

What I have gotten the most inquiries about though, is requests for permission to use my photo of Sykes Hot Springs that I took back in February 2006. I was flattered to have it mirrored on the Hot Springs page of the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce website. I need to post some kind of Creative Commons License on my site, but I still like “being asked for permission” of course. At least that lets me know people enjoy my photo!

With the recent issue about girl from Texas suing Virgin Mobile and now also Creative Commons for using a photo of her from Flickr in Australian advertising without her knowledge/consent — I think I’d have to be careful about which photos are allowed for republication!

The issue at hand was that her counselor was the one who took the photo, and then posted it on Flickr under a CC license. I let people know that the pictures I take of them may end up online and tend to seek their permission for it, but I’ve never considered how personal photos may be reused in unflattering ways by others — and how prevalent that seems to be nowadays. Perhaps a strong copyright and “asking for permission” first is still a good idea after all?

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