The Ron Paul Story (1996)

October 29th, 2007

Who is Ron Paul? This short biographical video below, from 1996, gives you a good idea certainly of who Ron Paul is as a person….

Ron Paul is a man of principle, and his principles are strongly in line with the U.S. Constitution. He is also a family man, doctor and author who looks out for the best interests of people, not politics. He is a man of service and unshakable morals, one who truly knows that it is “better to stand alone than in bad company” and this is exactly what he has done for over a decade in Congress. After voluntarily resigning from office to resume his medical practice, he re-ran for Congress in 1996. This video from that Congressional campaign provides a wonderful glimpse into who the man “Ron Paul” is. This video can be found on, while more up to date information is available at Ron Paul 2008. Make your vote for liberty count with a vote for Dr. Ron Paul.

For a more thorough biography, see Ron Paul on Wikipedia.
Ron Paul will be on Jay Leno Tuesday Oct 30th!

Register Republican! (at least to get Ron Paul in the Primary)

October 27th, 2007

Or see the YouTube page, even more incentive if needed to Register Republican and get Ron Paul on the Republican ticket!

Ron Paul in 2008!

October 27th, 2007

Just FYI:

I’m STRONGLY SUPPORTING Ron Paul in 2008, if he makes it to the election!

On the issues: he’s both anti-war and pro-life… how compatible!?

A summary of his responses from the GOP debate

From the republican debate, the viewers felt Ron Paul won. (I’m a little late on this, I missed the debate… didn’t really know at the time there was an anti-war Republican so I wasn’t particularly interested!)

Others even comment how smart he is on foreign policy, “Even the Bible says that the children will pay for the sins of their fathers.” Or how about, “we reap what we sow”?

Sampling of the response he has generated:
Ron Paul is my new hero too! in addition to Bill Maher’s – this is great

Quick interview on his main platform points, time to leave Iraq

Stop Dreaming, American Pie and Ron Paul’s platform summary

Ron Paul got some support and discussion on The View after republican debate

Congressman Ron Paul does first ever “Dorm Room” interview for YouTube!

See more Ron Paul youtube interviews on youtube, RonPaul2008dotcom.

The Ron Paul @GoogleTalk interview has been the most popular ever! 300,000+ views compared to 40,000+ for Hillary Clinton.

Sean Hannity attacked Ron Paul after the republican debate … and Sean Hannity also attacked a priest, Fr. Tom Euteneuer (President of Human Life International), on the issue of contraception – the very priest I have met on 2 occasions talk about exorcisms (youtube recording linked to in article). (The latest exorcist talk was last weekend, here’s a summary)

Back to the foreign policy issue and “why were we attacked on 9/11” — which I feel is the most important question of our time, and are response — Are radical/extremist/militant Islamic terrorists are result of “blowback” from unwanted U.S. presence in the middle east over the years? yes

Operation Ajax and Iran is just one example. Think: which nation uses the most energy/oil resources in the world, where is the oil in this world, why else would we be interested in that part of the world when there are dictators and evil being done everywhere. It’s politics, oil/energy is in our ‘national interest’, and we’ve been fighting for this for decades, but it has had unintended consequences: Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia – but don’t forget Israel as well, another justified reason for Muslims in that area of the world to dislike Western/American intervention. Is Ron Paul serious? Blowback in 1979 from a 1953 coup?

Unfortunately, there is also a lot of *censorship* going on trying to prevent Ron Paul’s message from getting out… on cnn, myspace, yahoo, and probably others as well. There are examples and proof on youtube. At least with my own website, I can’t so easily be censored by others, however, my voice might not so easily be heard by others as well due to popularity.

“Bella” Opens this Weekend

October 26th, 2007

bella movie (jpg) The much anticipated film “Bella” (imdb) (wp) will make it’s opening appearance this weekend in theaters across the United States. This film (description) took the top prize, “The People’s Choice Award” at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival, where it competed with Babel (fantastic!), Volver (I’d like to see), Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain (wp) and others to put it in the same high level of esteem as many other great films to have won this award, including: American Beauty, Life Is Beautiful, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hotel Rwanda.

Bella starts Friday, October 26th. I plan to see it in Baltimore! Unfortunately the film doesn’t appear to have the marketing power to make it to all of the major theaters, but please do go out and support this wholesome and very pro-life film!

Counting by Points on Digits (how to count for kids)

October 26th, 2007

counting digits (jpg) In kindergarten I learned how to count. I actually learned in an interesting way it seems, and apparently not everyone was blessed like I was with a counting education from Mrs. Elworth! I was taught that there are these “points” or “dots” along the digits that one uses to count the digit! See the example at the left or in (pdf).

This is SO rudimentary of course, but I’ve just learned that some children have great difficulty with counting (e.g. counting on their fingers in middle school!) and I think it’s probably because they never learned this trick! Here’s how it works:

  1. Write down the digits 1-9 and notice the placement of the dots on each digit
  2. As you count up to the value of the digit, point your pen or pencil on each dot as you count in order to keep track.

So next time, instead of counting on your fingers, you can use the dots on the digits! This should be helpful for the very ‘tactile’ learners. Hopefully some math teachers can use this trick to teach their wee little ones how to count. =) This is such a great trick, that I sometimes find that I still use it today!

Update 2008.11.10: I’ve found that another name for this is “Touch Point Math“, see here or here. I knew this must be taught elsewhere, I just couldn’t find any place online earlier!

Give one, Get one – laptop!

October 23rd, 2007

The One Laptop Per Child campaign, whose claim to fame has been producing a “$100 laptop” for the masses of children in developing nations, has made a bold new proposal for getting these laptops to more of those in need. Instead of relying solely on the country’s government to purchase these machines, now YOU can help by sponsoring and empowering a child with a laptop for only $200 or “give one, get one” for only $400. See the video online of this announcement. You’re not just giving a laptop, your giving an education.

Some publicity lately, photo licensing

October 9th, 2007

My online presence has actually driven some feedback to me (in addition to the spam), and I think that’s been worthwhile. I think I’d like to really start developing more content, in quality and quantity, for my audience – even if that be only myself and a few close friends. =)

What I have gotten the most inquiries about though, is requests for permission to use my photo of Sykes Hot Springs that I took back in February 2006. I was flattered to have it mirrored on the Hot Springs page of the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce website. I need to post some kind of Creative Commons License on my site, but I still like “being asked for permission” of course. At least that lets me know people enjoy my photo!

With the recent issue about girl from Texas suing Virgin Mobile and now also Creative Commons for using a photo of her from Flickr in Australian advertising without her knowledge/consent — I think I’d have to be careful about which photos are allowed for republication!

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