Rennfest was great

I checked out the Maryland Rennaissance Festival today in Crownsville and was quite impressed! It was my first time at a Rennaissance festival and I had always had some reservation about going for some reason, perhaps concerned that I might feel ‘out of place’. It’s actually quite a lot of fun though, especially if one really ‘gets into it’. I much enjoyed stepping into that era and the organizers did a really fine job. With everyone in costume, tournaments, the arts and crafts, food and drinks, games, etc… and of course with the old English language – it’s quite a fun day experience, better than a carnival even! Next time I’ll get knight or friar costume before I go, and I think it will be even more fun. Luckily the rain held off, and it wasn’t a “Rainfest” after all! (It did start to sprinkle more though as I was leaving.)

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