Nomad in Oakland

I’m blogging now via free wi-fi from the trendy and eco-conscious Nomad Cafe at 6500 Shattuck in Oakland, CA. The food here is fantastic and a great value – though prices will be going up (for the 1st time in 2 years) to keep up with expenses. I’m a smoothie (Old World – $3.50) and blueberry muffin ($1.75) fan myself. For lunch today, it was Lois the Pie Queen at 60th and Adeline for a double cheeseburger (huge! on toast with chips) and iced-tea. I was just driving by and saw how literally “packed” the place was – and figured it must have been good! I was reassured as soon as I sat at the bar and the man next to me said he had been eating here for 20 years and I luckily stumbled upon a great place! Chris, the owner and child of “Lois the Pie Queen” was very friendly and quite busy taking care of the customers. As I was just finishing up, he read my mind and placed a piece of pie in front of my face. It was wonderful!

This whole weekend I’ve been in Oakland for a Free Radio Berkeley workshop and have been using the Hospitality Club to find interesting people to meet up with and to host me for a night. More about that later – but it’s been going great!

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