Hospitality Club Social

I recently moved to Monterey in September, and since then, I’ve been lucky enough to get a few Hospitality Club guests stop on by and finally “pay forward” the genuine hospitality I received while in Europe over a year ago. I’m excited to be living in such a beautiful and tourism-rich area now, and hope to see the HC really ‘come to life’ here!

Since the whole HC idea is about ‘bringing people together’ and fostering international friendships to increase intercultural understanding and strengthen peace, I thought it would be great for the local HC members to get together and also to invite others to learn more about the Hospitality Club! So here it is… what I believe is the first Monterey-area HC social event ever!!! You’ll want to be a part of this!

What: Hospitality Club Social Party for the Monterey area

– meet fellow local HC members
– introduce your friends to the HC and meet other locals
– share stories of traveling, life, etc around a campfire on the beach
– sports activities?: frisbee, football, etc if interested
– eat, drink, and be merry… =)

When: Sunday June 25th, from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Where: Carmel Beach, near the 13th street intersection

I will be sure to provide:

– the camp fire, and a little grill for cooking
– hot dogs and buns, condiments (possible burgers as well)
– any vegetarians? (most likely) I’ll have some non-meat alternatives
– beers and juice, most likely Hefeweizen w/ lemon =)
– plates, napkins, etc

You might want to bring:

– a friend or two!
– Let’s spread the word and properly introduce others to the Hospitality Club!
– snacks and drinks, for personal use or to share (like a potluck) if desired
– perhaps a camping chair, beach blanket, whatever else you can think of…

I’d also like to find a small table and perhaps extra coolers.

I hope to see you there!!! =) Please contact me or leave a comment below to let me know if you plan to attend, and also of course for any questions/comments! – thanks.


update: just noticed we don’t have an HC members yet it Carmel or Pacific Grove!

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