IEEE SP 2006

The IEEE Security & Privacy 2006 conference was held this week from May 22-24 at the Claremont Resort in Berkeley, and I was there! Our professor, Dr. Irvine, invited us to volunteer at the conference to help with registration and thus get to check out some of the latest research going on in computer security. The conference was quite a success this year with over 240 in attendance, up for under 200 last year – and partly because there were more papers presented this year. There were several great short papers and “works in progress” presented that provided a more diverse picture of current research and livened up the tone a bit from the long 30min paper presentations. One downside to the large success, is that we did not print enough proceedings! There was certainly plenty to eat and drink though.

Noteable “computer security” celebrities in attendance included (among others): Paul Syverson (creater of The Onion Router/Tor), Paul Karger (as in the Multicians Karger & Schell), Peter Neumann (anotherMultician), and a gentleman who introduced himself as ‘Whit Diffie’. Apparently he did some work in a thing called PKI. So it was a pleasure to rub shoulders with such giants. I also got to work in a couple early morning runs, including up to the Lawrence Hall of Science which offered a spectacular view of the San Francisco bay!

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