Visit with Jano

While I was studying abroad in Norway during the Fall 2004 semester, I became very good friends with Jano Sunderlik from Slovakia. It was faith that brought us together and the enjoyment of each others company by which we became friends. We both attended the catholic mass every Sunday in Kristiansand, and with Jano’s help we never missed a mass celebration – even when we were traveling in Oslo together. We last saw each other in December 2004 when I saw him off to his train back home but kept it touch briefly via email. I promised that if he ever made it to the states though, that we would meet up for sure!

Since last August, Jano has been teaching mathematics in New York city, and just last week he made a trip out here to California with some friends also teaching there in the schools. I got to meet up with him in San Francisco on Thursday night for dinner at Pier 39, then I took Jano and his friends for a quick tour driving over the Golden Gate bridge, down famous Lombard street, and over to see the Palace of Fine Arts. On Friday morning, we drove down to Monterey where I showed them a few quick sites around the city – including San Carlos Cathedral, our City Hall, and Sunset Avenue along the coast. It was great meeting up again after nearly a year and a half! Thanks for coming to the states Jano – now I’ll try to return the favor! (Will post some pics as they become available.)

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