Remember to LIVESTRONG

I just found this quote about what it means to LIVESTRONG. I’m glad I found it, because I often forget. Quote copied below. I also just found out that LIVESTRONG Day is May 17th, with the purpose to mobilize cancer survivors, caregivers and those involved in the cancer survivor community across the country. Our goal is to to raise awareness and bring attention to the issues cancer survivors face which often go unaddressed..

Remember to… Livestrong:

  • Push yourself everyday to do something you thought impossible yesterday.
  • To take hardship as a opportunity to show your meddle.
  • To taste the sweetness of victory like it is first and last time you will ever win.
  • And to take defeat, if it comes to that, with dignity, knowing you gave it everything you had, and because sometimes it takes more strength to lose, and lose with nobility, than it does to win.
  • To seize each day like it may be your last.
  • To live the ideal of integrity and nobility of character.
  • To strive each day to improve you mind, your body and your soul (not religious, your moral fiber). The ideal of the Roman golden triangle.
  • Have the guts to take chance to chase your dreams and the will to follow through.
  • To have faith in the human capacity; in your human capacity.
  • To lie on your deathbed, whenever that maybe, knowing you did everything you could and wanted to do with the time you were allotted.
  • To lie on the very same deathbed and know that you were a good person, not just when it achieved a goal, or as some self-marketing ploy, but in your very being, that you were good without even realizing it.
  • And finally to carry these ideals through into every aspect of your life, whether be a on the bike, on the track, in learning a new task or fighting a life threatening disease.
  • In essence to embody Drive, Integrity and Nobility.


Along those lines, I would also say Carpe Diem, Live life without regrets – to the fullest, and all those other quotes about how to live life apply here. Another one of my favorites: “You only live once, but if you do it right – once is enough!

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