Mud Run and 14-miler Training

I just found out that I placed in the top 10 of this years Big Sur Mud Run! Check the April 1st results here. This was my first race in over a year for sure, but even with the rugged terrain, a few muddy obstacles, and wearing 10lb water-logged shoes… I managed to scrounge up a 7:41 min/mile pace for the 5 miles. My friends on Team “Cybercorps” took 11th place in the mixed teams with a 12 min/mile pace. Great job Rafe, Buddy, Mario, Binh and Julia!

The Relay One thing I should have posted about sooner, is that I signed up to run The Relay with the team “I Left My Wallet in San Francisco” out of San Mateo. I just found out about the 199 mile relay a couple weeks ago (well past the registration deadline) but found a team that needed a runner, and so I’m in! So today I intended to make the 2hr drive up from Monterey to go meetup and run with some of my teammates — unfortunately I overslept to get there on time. =( So instead, I went on my own along the trail to Ft. Ord for a 14 mile run out-and-back.

I reached 2nd Ave (where the Mud Run took place yesterday) almost exactly 1 hour into my run, and then made it back exactly 1 hour later (within 1-2 minutes) for 8.5 min/miles. The trail only has a few sections of off-pavement opportunities, so I’m a little worn out (right knee tight and right glute still sore for the past few months, but shins and left arch feeling ok). And to think, I’ve only got 4 weeks to go until the Big Sur Marathon! I’m not quite in the condition where I wanted to be training wise (running 7 min/miles like in my half-marathon 2 years ago) since I’ve had to take a few off-days with school/weather, but at a good pace I think my body may be able to hold up for 26 miles… maybe?!

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